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By NEMS Daily Journal

Bowles was a link to bipartisan era
The passing last week of my good friend, former Rep. Billy Bowles of Houston, reminds many who served with him of a by-gone era when we hardly knew if our colleague was a Democrat or a Republican.
We were proud to be known as state representatives. Bowles was not a fiery orator or a statistician, but was probably best known for standing to be recognized while others debated with a bill’s presenter in the House Chamber. “For what does the Gentleman from Chickasaw wish to be recognized?” the speaker would ask. “Gentleman (or Lady depending on the presenter), who wants this bill?” It was pertinent and often revealing because sometimes it exposed hidden agendas. He once told me, “There is no such thing as a bill nobody is interested in.” Often there were many competing forces. Oh, for the good ole days “where hardly was heard a disparaging word.”
Bill Miles

‘Big Brother’ scares a Tupelo resident
Was Richard Wilkinson (Oct. 2) intentionally directing the list of failures away from Barack Obama and blame it all on anything and anyone but Obama?
I believe Obama signs the bills coming out of Congress. Obama’s only disappointment has been that he couldn’t get the tax increases he so desperately needs before America voted in representatives who would say no.
I do agree that we need to bring in a totally fresh group of congressmen. But there is a time when you need to look in the mirror and realize that the head of the snake needs to go in order to save the patient, and my fellow Americans, we are the patient, and big brother wants to take care of us. And that scares me to death.

Thomas Kennard

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