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By NEMS Daily Journal

Multiple parties present Nov. 6 ballot choices
Because the Republicans and Democrats organized their own private “debates” and most media are owned by large corporations, many voters may not know that Mississippians will have not 2 but 6 teams of candidates for President and Vice President to choose from on November 6.
While standing up for inclusion in Tuesday’s televised debate, Green Party candidates Jill Stein and Cheri Honkala were not only barred from the venue but arrested and held for 8 hours handcuffed to a chair.
As a medical doctor, Jill Stein has worked for single-payer universal healthcare (improved Medicare for all) and environmental health for many years.
Cheri Honkala, a formerly homeless single mother, is a long-time activist against foreclosures and national director of the Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign.
Stein and Honkala’s Green New Deal establishes a Full Employment Program creating 25 million green jobs in sustainable energy, mass transit, sustainable organic agriculture and clean manufacturing, as well as social work, teaching and other service jobs.
The Green New Deal provides tuition-free education through college and forgives existing student debt.
The Green New Deal ends bailouts for the financial elite and offers capital grants to nonprofit developers of affordable housing until all people can obtain decent housing at no more than 25% of their income.
If you’re tired of 1 percent domination of the wealth that working people have created, and if you want a government that is of, by and for the people for real – take a look at and and vote for Jill Stein and Cheri Honkala on the Green Party ticket.
Jan Hillegas
Chair, Green Party of Mississippi

Oppressive government fomented the Civil War
In the Oct. 8 edition of the Daily Journal an article written by Emily LeCoz stated that the Confederate monument located at the Lee County Courthouse was placed there to honor soldiers who fought to preserve slavery. This is totally false as well as very offensive to me as well as many Americans north and south who have educated themselves on the true causes of the war.
At the beginning of the war only 6 percent of the Southerners owned slaves.
No, they were not fighting to preserve slavery, they were fighting for freedom from an oppressive government, much like we are today. They fought for the cause (less government, less taxes and the right of the people to govern themselves). And they gave all for the cause. Southerners were tired of not being represented in government and having Northerners decide what would happen to them. Jefferson Davis called it the tyranny of an unbridled majority, the most odious and least responsive form of despotism. In his inaugural address, when Lincoln was elected president, he and the U.S. Congress immediately passed the Morrill Tariff (the highest import tax in U.S. history) more than doubling the import tax rate from 20 percent to 47 percent. This tax served to bankrupt many Southerners. Though the Southern states represented only about 30 percent of the U.S. population, they paid 80 percent of the tariffs collected. When Southerners escaped the tax by withdrawing from the Union, the only way the North could collect this oppressive tax was to invade and force them at gunpoint back into the Union. Lincoln’s war cost the lives of 600,000 Americans.
Slavery is not justifiable, period. But we have been taught a distorted, politically correct version of history, and it is every southerner’s duty to see that the true history of the South is presented. I am a southerner – an American by birth, a southerner by the grace of God.
William M. Sheffield

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