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By Daily Journal

Left-wing friends won’t
give straight answers
I have to admit, there is nothing better than reading the comics on Sunday morning which have more facts in them than some articles.
If you check your facts you will find that thanks to the American voter the Democrats and Obama policy’s were put on hold almost two years ago, which put hope back in the private sector that ObamaCare, taxes and less restrictive policies will be stopped.
To believe that because Obama says he is going to investigate oil speculators as the reason gas prices are coming down is reaching for straws; it is because the world economy is tanking.
I continue to ask and have yet to ever get a straight answer from by left-wing friends: Why are there more poor people now under all these wonderful Democratic programs? The premier answer is to blame someone else.
Thomas Kennard

Help for homeless
should have conditions
The news of the eviction of the homeless revealed a diverse response. Those closest to these trespassers had complained about their actions. Those at a distance complained about their removal. A Mr. Smith complained about being treated like a child because there was a bedtime and a time to get up. His complaint reveals he is not familiar with the real world.
Every job since then has had two fundamental rules: 1. Show up for work at the designated time. 2. Perform according to the job description, either printed or explained.
Are these homeless victims of circumstances or has their lifestyle contributed to their circumstances? Do they want to get out of their present circumstances or do they want others to enable them to continue in the same lifestyle? Their situation is not new for Paul writes in II Thessalonians 3:10: “If any will not work, neither should he eat.”
The Sunday editorial and Mr. Hickman’s letter (May 27) focused on problems and possibilities. Mr. Hickman’s letter was critical of churches. Those churches are composed of people with the same diverse views as previously noted. The primary purpose of the church is found in Matthew 28:19-20. We are to reach, teach, train. That is proactive. The focus is positive action as a result of a relationship with Jesus Christ.
Jesus commanded us to “Love thy neighbor as thyself.” I love myself enough to practice a self discipline that prevents my becoming addicted to habits that are detrimental to my current situation and also have a negative impact on my future. If I love myself in this manner, then my love for my fellow man is to avoid enabling him/her to continue in a non-productive lifestyle. That means conditions must be set and followed in providing help.
It is fundamentally unfair to utilize tax money from those who are struggling to provide for their families and use this with no restrictions to provide funding for those who are unwilling to change their lifestyle so that they can become reliable employees.
Ken Pickens

No ordinances yet
on lemonade stands
I saw the most precious thing the other day. There was this little boy. He had set up a lemonade stand. His purpose for doing this was to raise money to get his dad a Father’s Day present (Daily Journal, June 7). In our high-tech world of computer games and cell phones, this little boy was doing something for someone other than himself.
I wonder how long it will take our city officials to pass an ordinance that you have to purchase a permit to set up a lemonade stand in the city limits? And use our tax money to pay someone to enforce this. They might as well add it to the rest of the ordinances they’ve decided to inflict on the residents of Tupelo.
Am I the only person who thinks our city officials are going a bit too far?
Shane Bonds

‘Hope for our world’
after reading opinions
Like many people my age, I look at our world and too often think the situation is hopeless. Then I pick up the May 27 Journal and on the editorial page I read three letters in “Your Opinion” by Cody Hickman, Richard Wilkinson and Arvin Mosley that presented some straight facts. In the same issue Lloyd Gray’s editorial and Roger Rufe’s article were very to the point.
After reading these great pieces of truth, I realize there is hope for our world.
Opal Vickers


Ignorance, arrogance
in health care debate
Is it ignorance or arrogance that some people think people making minimum wage can buy health care? Here we are 26th down, just above Slovenia in the industrial countries, 15th down in standard of living, and we think helping the poor get health care is socialism?
Now, they are finding out that many of the insurance companies are putting more than 50 percent of their money toward administration, etc.
My view is if those companies can’t get by on 10 percent, they should not be allowed to fund health care in this country. If the above is not a crime, it should be.
We had better get off our high horse and start changing all of the above. The 99 percent and 1 percent should not stand in this country. This is not the country I fought for in Korea.
Allen Thomas

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