Your Opinion: Letters to the Editor

By NEMS Daily Journal

Shopping home stores keeps many employed
As a regular reader of Marty Russell’s column, particularly the one of Nov. 30, I reflected on his closing comments that he would shop the Internet to avoid the rush of Christmas shoppers.
My first thought was that if everybody did that, both he and I would lose our jobs since without local advertising the Journal would likely become bankrupt and without the joy of holiday shoppers I would die of disappointment!
Even worse, the sales and property taxes that are primary supporters of local and state government sources would no longer be available. Thousands would become unemployed, downtowns and shopping malls would become empty, and there would be no Santa for homes without Internet service.
Other than that I guess it’s an interesting idea.
Jack Reed Sr.

Support Occupy protest and dump toady judges
The occupying protesters of Wall Street need our support. Their next target should be Washington. They should descend on K-Street with the ferocity of Moses and the locusts of Pharoah’s Egypt, and they should nasty up the waters of the Potomac by dumping into it the thousands of lobbyists who have bought our government with their corporate wealth. Next they should move on to the sacred halls of Congress, catching all the greedy self-serving career politicians who sold our government for corporate gold and let them participate in the Potomac baptizing.
Last but not least, grab the five corporate toadies now squatting on the Supreme Court bench who last January 2010 handed down the ruling in the Citizens United case which gave complete control of our government to corporate wealth. They should be fitted with cement boots for wading in the nearest sewage lagoon.
Lamar Wray