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By NEMS Daily Journal

‘Downgraded’ America can repent and be saved
Even as the United States of America became a dominate global power during the 20th century, in ancient times the world power known as the Babylonian Empire exerted great power and influence throughout the civilized world of that day.
On Oct. 29, 539 B.C., the king of Babylon (his name means Bel project – the king) made a great feast for all the great men in his kingdom as well as his wives and his concubines.
That very night, while feasting and drinking heavily and giving honor and praise to the false gods of Babylon, a man’s hand appeared from nowhere and began writing on the wall.
The king, promising great rewards to anyone who could read the writing and render its interpretation, immediately shouted orders to bring in the wise men and the astrologers of Babylon. None of them, however, were able to fulfill the king’s request. The queen, seeing the desperation of the king, approached, him reminding him, “There is a man in your reign in whom is the Spirit of the Set-Apart Mighty One. And in the days of your father, light and understanding and wisdom, like the wisdom of the Mighty Ones (gods) were found in him.”
Daniel, after being brought in before the king, began to explain how the Creator had granted Nebuchadnezzar, the king’s father, a kingdom, greatness and esteem. And instead of acknowledging the Creator, his heart was lifted up and he became proud in all of his ways until the Most High Elohim brought him down and humbled him. Daniel continued, “And you his son, Belshatstar, have not humbled your heart, although you knew all this.”
Then he read to the king the inscriptions of the handwriting on the wall and their interpretation: “Tequel – You have been weighed in the scales and found lacking.”
My fellow countrymen, our forefathers also knew and clearly understood that it was by the divine hands of Providence that we received a bountiful and blessed land.
We have corrupted ourselves, we have defiled ourselves and we have forgotten Yahuah (the Lord) our Elohim (God) who strictly instructed our forefathers, “ … you shall remember Yahuah your Elohim, for it is He who gives you power to get wealth.”
Our great sins and our abominations have reached the throne of the Most High. The muffled cries and groans of the most helpless, the most defenseless in our midst, the millions of murdered children not yet born, have come up to His mighty throne and we have been downgraded as a nation.
The good news is that our downgrade could be reversed and we could return to our former status if we as a nation turned from our wicked ways and began to seek Yahuah (the Lord) and began to acknowledge His laws and His commandments. It is not too late yet, but we are seeing very little light from our leaders. Even our churches seem weak and ineffective.
May Yahuah (the Lord) have mercy on us, the United States of America.
Stephen Schrock

Let the season settle UM’s issue
Last year Ole Miss had an offensive line that was lacking in experience and ability. This year we have plenty of experience and are still short on ability. Smaller linemen go through, over and around them. This, of course, comes directly back to ability, heart and coaching, all of which seems in short supply.
Each recruiting year Ole Miss has been ranked in the top 25. Vanderbilt and BYU were not so fortunate, but they still put more talent on the field. It’s not enough to recruit talent. It must actually get on the field and be properly motivated and coached. Too many recruits never arrive at Ole Miss or they quit or get dismissed. What is the point in recruiting players year after year only to never see them on the field?
For years now Ole Miss has been playing transfers at quarterback rather than bringing in players and coaching them up. It’s time to recruit and play people who come in as freshmen and go through the program. This revolving door is not producing results and should be scrapped.
Coach Nutt said, “We just didn’t have that confidence, didn’t make first downs or move the ball like we normally do. That was a first.” Actually, it wasn’t the first. It began last season as previously recruited talent ran out and has gotten worse as newly recruited talent steps in. Give “O” his due. He could recruit.
What is wrong with Ole Miss? Well, they can’t block, can’t run and are unable to pass. So much for offense. Now the defense. They can’t stop the run, but are playing better pass defense. I give them credit. They play with more heart and effort than the offense, but still quit when times are hard.
Ole Miss needs better talent on the field, not in recruiting charts. They need to play with passion and confidence. They also need to play under an offensive system that has a plan and a purpose. You take an inexperienced quarterback with young receivers. Then you throw the ball down the field 30 yards and you have about a one in 10 chance of success. You can ask a mule to do many things, but you can’t ask it to be a race horse.
Ole Miss must simplify, teach and motivate. In the long term, it must also recruit players who will stay and contribute to the program, even if they do lack in stars by the recruiting agencies.
Does Ole Miss needs a new coach? Perhaps. Let the rest of the season settle that question.
James H. Crabb

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