YOUR OPINION: Letters to the editor

By NEMS Daily Journal

President Obama followed steps of President Roosevelt
I am an elected official from Chickasaw County (county supervisor) and a substitute school teacher at Tupelo High School.
While substituting for a social studies teacher recently, I had the opportunity to view the documentary “Stormy Weather” by Peter Jennings. This documentary revealed how President Franklin Delano Roosevelt led our country out of the Great Depression.
He implemented policies that saved 800 banks and the steel mills. He also instituted several social programs, such as welfare, unemployment, Social Security and many more. FDR because of his initiatives is considered as one of America’s greatest presidents.
We are once again facing some of the most crucial times in our nation’s history. I must applaud President Barack Obama for taking the same approaches as FDR. His initiatives have rescued the nation’s banks, restored the automotive industry and his social programs have helped many needy Americans. If FDR is considered to be one of our nation’s greatest presidents, then President Obama should be somewhere close to that status. President Obama didn’t implement a totally new plan of action.
He simply reverted to the policies of FDR. If those policies worked during the worst of times (the Great Depression), they can work now during the great recession. Americans should know these astonishing facts now.
Russell Brooks
Chickasaw County

Nettleton praised for Veterans’ parade
This letter is to the City of Nettleton and the Nettleton School District, thanking them for the veterans parade and program that was held Friday, Nov. 9, 2012.
I’m not sure how many years they have been having this parade program, but this was my first time to attend. My nephew, Jon Houston Ray, was to sing a solo.
You could tell a lot of hard work and preparation went into putting this together, and I would like to say I really appreciate it. While some may agree or disagree with the outcome of the election held three days earlier, we must continue to move forward and pray for our country and our military.
As a daughter of a veteran (Doyle Ray), I went with him that day. From registration, to riding in the parade, sitting next to him at the program, then on to lunch, it was a day filled with many emotions.
And it is a day that I will never forget! Words cannot express my thanks and gratitude that was shown that day to the veterans.
Also, as a proud aunt, when Jon sang, I had tears in my eyes, as did my dad. When we got back on the school bus after the program, my dad was telling everybody “that was my grandson that sang!”
Kudos to the choir. They did an awesome job. Even the elementary students singing the different military branch song – from memory!
Once again, a big “thank you” to thecity, the school and especially the veterans.
Ramona Ray

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