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By NEMS Daily Journal

Label evil, wrong for what they are
In regard to the letter in the Opinion section on Oct. 3, we are all created in God’s image, but we are a fallen race. We are all sinners. We started off by exchanging the glory of God for the worship of man and creation, so God gave us over to dishonor our bodies.
We took another step downward by exchanging the truth of God for a lie. Then God gave us over to degrading passions. And so as we steep more and more in our sin, God gives us over to a depraved mind. We are all a sorry bunch. We keep exchanging the good for the bad.
But God didn’t leave us there. He showed us the way back to Him through the death of His son.
If we Christians condone the actions of people who spit in their Creator’s face, deny Him, or do not accept His way, we are not helping them in the least. We must take a stand and say certain things are wrong.
If I had a deadly cancer and had found a cure for it, but didn’t tell others with the same deadly cancer, I’m not showing love to them. I’m letting them self destruct.
God does not make mistakes. Life is precious. We should all enjoy the benefits of liberties and justice of this great country. But that doesn’t mean we can let things run rampant when God in His word says these things are wrong. He is the one who gave us this great country, and He can certainly take it away from us.
I don’t particularly care what others do, but I’m not their Creator who made them to function and to be free within boundaries.
It is time we call good good and evil evil instead of mixing these up for the sake of “rights” and so-called “tolerance.”
Carol Davis

Sen. Collins proposes trying another way
I am writing in response to letters regarding Sen. Nancy Collins’ voting record on education.
Having talked with Sen. Collins about this subject and having heard her speak on this subject more than once, I can assure area voters that Sen. Collins proudly supports the education of Mississippi’s children. However, she does not believe in continuing to funnel state dollars into the coffers of education administrations that do not get into the classroom.
Just as we’ve heard, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” we must consider “if it’s broken we must try another way.” We can’t keep throwing money into a system that is clearly lacking. The future of our precious children is too important. I applaud Sen. Collins for her stance on doing what’s best for our children. It took a lot of courage for her to vote her conscience and not go along with popular opinion.
Sen. Collins supports excellent education for our children, whether it is in public or private schools, Christian or home schools. She is the best choice to represent the 6th District in the Mississippi Senate. If you are in doubt, go directly to the source, and ask Sen. Collins herself. Don’t listen to her opponent’s rhetoric.
Rita Buse

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