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By NEMS Daily Journal

Vote to support all three amendments Nov. 8
November 8 Mississippi voters will be deciding three initiatives to amend the state constitution. All three initiatives will add important protections to our state constitution.
Initiative 26, the Personhood amendment defines life as beginning at conception and provides the protection of law to unborn babies from conception to birth. While Mississippi has a very low abortion rate, this amendment will be an example and a first step in ending the slaughter of 1 million new lives in this nation each year through abortion. Less than 5% of these abortions are medically necessary to protect or save the life of the mother.
Initiative 27, the Voter ID amendment, will help ensure that only legally registered and identified voters are allowed to vote. We require identification for participating in government programs and it is even more vital to protect our most sacred right of determining the officials that will rule over us. It is a right that millions of Americans have fought and died to preserve.
Initiative 31, the Eminent Domain amendment, will return the definition of “public use” in Mississippi to what it was before the Supreme Court ruled in 2005 that a unit of government can take private property and transfer it to another private individual or entity for profit.
The amendment would prohibit state and local officials from transferring private property obtained by eminent domain to private individuals or entities for a period of 10 years. This amendment ensures that a unit of government can only take your property through eminent domain for a legitimate public use.
Consider them carefully and consider voting yes on all three.
Raymond Settle
Blue Mountain
People of region urged to shop at local stores
I would like to bring attention to the people of Tupelo and Northeast Mississippi the critical need to support your local businesses. During the last year, Tupelo’s growth and potential for economic progress has never looked better. Let’s not backslide because of our national economy. It’s imperative that we, as citizens of this area do all that we can to support our important small businesses. Locally owned businesses need your support more than ever. About seventy percent of the people in this area are employed by locally owned businesses.
I grew up in Tupelo and love this area. We are blessed with many small fine businesses in our area where personal and friendly service is provided along with quality goods and services. There is rarely a need to leave Tupelo to shop and find what you need.
Local merchants support our charitable causes, our local schools, our churches and the arts. Their tax dollars remain in our local community. They eat in our local restaurants and use our local services.
Most of us will have a smaller budget this year. Please consider spending locally. I can assure you that your business will be appreciated. There is no government bailout for small businesses. Consumers are the bailout.
Remember this, if you make your living in Tupelo and Northeast Mississippi, try to spend your money with locally owned businesses.When you shop away from this area the money is gone. Let’s keep our money at home.
We must stay positive and keep making the area the best place in Mississippi to live. Let’s join hands and work hard for the area. Think what would happen if we do this. Let’s think Tupelo and Northeast Mississippi first.
Jimmy Long
MLM Clothiers, Tupelo

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