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By NEMS Daily Journal

Collins’ opponents buy
into the liberal line
Several letters to the editor recently have misrepresented Sen. Nancy Collins position on education.
The writers obviously have bought into the usual liberal line that any vote against more education spending is a vote against education. Collins has always been and continues to be an advocate for education, but she does not believe just spending more money is the answer. Especially in light that the state has less money to spend.
Since 1990, per student spending in Mississippi has increased from around $3,000 to almost $9,000. And what do we to show for it? Average ACT scores, the best objective measure of student achievement of the past 20 years, has remained around 18. Mississippi still ranks near the bottom on almost every category in public education. Our own Tupelo schools, despite spending more than the state average per student, have lower graduation rates. And this lackluster progress has come despite smaller class sizes and higher teacher pay. Also, much of the increased spending goes to large numbers of administrators, like in our own Tupelo schools.
We need to support our public schools, as Nancy does. But just blindly throwing more money at education without trying to actually improve the education system does not help our children, which is what education should be about.
Tony Palazzo

Propaganda distorts the facts
about personhood Initiative 26
In light of recent articles published by various sources, I felt the need to do some research and expose the scare tactics and deception that is being portrayed as factual information on Amendment 26.
Amendment 26 asks a simple question, “Should the term ‘person’ be defined to include every human being from the moment of fertilization, cloning, or the equivalent thereof?” If life does not begin in the beginning, when does it begin?
One of the major issues is that the amendment will prohibit birth control. This is untrue. Only abortificient birth control will be illegal, not most hormonal contraceptives.
Another falsehood is the amendment will make invitrofertilization illegal. IVF will still be very much available; with the only change being the unused embryos cannot be destroyed. The embryos will either have to be preserved and used later or donated to another couple.
Other outrageous claims are that the amendment will criminalize miscarriage and prevent physicians from treating life threatening situations. Miscarriages occur naturally and no one will be investigated for this. In the case of ectopic pregnancy, the baby is not viable and the physician will be allowed to treat the mother. As for the hard cases such as abruptio placenta, the physician will try to save the mother and baby, but if the baby is not viable the doctor will save the mother.
Planned Parenthood and other pro-choice organizations are spreading rumors in an attempt to scare the citizens of Mississippi into voting no. The reason being, they make millions of dollars from abortions each year, so they stand to lose a lot should this pass.
Now I have given you the real facts. On November 8, will you vote yes or no? A YES vote is against abortion, a NO vote is for abortion.
This is not an issue on women’s rights. Our vote is to save the tiniest Mississippians who are murdered through a gruesome procedure called abortion.
Kayla Russell, RN

Women urged to not
abort unwanted baby
On Jan. 8, 2011, my grandson and his wife lost twin sons. They tried everything to save their lives, but man could not save them and neither could money. I heard the wailing, crying and hurt those two young people went through. The next Sunday three people in our church did testimonies about their own lives of how their single mothere were persuaded to abort and didn’t. Their testimonies brought tears to my eyes and memories to my mind of how each of these could have aborted and all three of these fine Christians families would not have been. I was reminded of the hurt and pain my grandchildren went through trying so hard to save their babies.
I encourage and beg woman and girls, who get pregnant and can’t or won’t raise their babies baby, to please not abort. So many people want a child. I have six adopted children in my family, three to one child who adopted at the age of 50. She and her husband already had two grown sons and now they are grandparents with two small children of their own. Why? Because these children needed someone to raise and love them. I have a daughter who wasn’t able to have children. She and her husband fostered six children, but never got to adopt. A single lady gave them her unborn son rather than abort. Some people would say she should have prevented getting pregnant. In some cases I agree but God has purpose and plans and I know His plans for these children were for my children.
Our baby is now 11⁄2 years old. With him I raise my arms to the Heavens and say, “Thank you, Jesus, for our little boy.” He’ll raise his arms and say, “Jesus.” Believe what you may, I believe these babies weren’t aborted, although they could have been, because God’s purpose was for them to honor Him. If those mothers had aborted, I could not have looked into their sweet faces nor heard their precious voices. I thank God their birth mothers didn’t abort them.
On Nov. 8 please vote yes on Initiative 26.
Peggy Bramlett

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