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By NEMS Daily Journal

Republican representatives must hold against fiscal cliff
Who is responsible for the “unsustainable path” the experts tell us we are on fiscally in America? Who is responsible for the huge tax increase we are facing Jan. 1? Republicans. Yes, I said the conservative Republicans. Article I, Section 7 of the U.S. Constitution specifies, “All bills for raising revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives.”
The House has full control over all tax and revenue bills. No spending bills can be passed without the concurrence of the House. Since 1995 a Republican majority has controlled the House with the exception of the 4 years 2007– 2011. Republicans have the power to control the out of control spending, they promote their plans for controlling spending but they apparently lack the will power to carry it through.
It is no secret that out-of-control spending and accumulation of debt is the problem. Our government is addicted to spending and more revenue just facilitates that addiction. Many of the Republicans took public pledges of no new taxes but several in leadership positions are already reneging on those pledges and are talking about “revenue enhancements.” Compromising with the “tax and spend” crowd is just digging the hole we are in deeper.
I am not writing this to bash Republicans but to point out the need for us that are on the hook for this debt to demand that our representatives take an uncompromising stand against the out of control spending and “revenue enhancements.” We must demand more than talk about cutting spending or our descendants will be burdened with the debt we are accumulating. Republican House members clearly have the power to force spending cuts but it is going to take the demands of their constituents to make them to use it. Is your children’s future important enough to demand your representative protect it?
Raymond Settle
Blue Mountain

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