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By NEMS Daily Journal

Waller backs open primary for state
The election Aug. 2 once again proved the need for an open primary ballot – one that has all of the names listed in alphabetical order for each office regardless of party affiliation, independent or otherwise. If this had been in place at this election it would have been less confusing and had more realistic democratic results. The restraints fixed by party vote prevent the voter from exercising his choice for each candidate.
Many voters would choose some Republicans and some Democrats and would not make a 100 pedrcent exclusive party choice. The party ballot that we are now using prevents a voter from exercising his own individual choice as to candidates for each office.
For whatever reason we have not been able to adopt the open ballot primary, however, with the obvious polarization of races in each of the two parties it makes changes more critical than ever before. Obviously, we need to rewrite our election laws including the primary ballot process, as well as moving the voting day to Saturday.
An example of lack of voter participation occurred in DeSoto County where they have around 87,000 voters and only 23,000 actually voted, or less than one-third of those qualified. A large percentage of voters commute to Memphis to work. Commuting to work is definitely in vogue and it is a factor in most all counties. The extent of commuting was not a factor when the original election laws were passed.
If Mississippi is to move ahead economically and remove itself from the bottom of the list on every category then we must be willing to make changes, and I am somewhat confounded by the lack of interest in modernizing our government.
Bill Waller, Sr.
Governor, 1972-1976

Only Fox News reports the truth
I am writing in reference to Allen Thomas’ comments in the Aug. 6 Forum. He said, “The GOP started the Depression.”
He doesn’t mention that the Democrats had control the last two years of Bush’s administration. I imagine both parties share blame, but Obama and the Democrats are trying to finish the job by putting us in a hole and covering us up. President Bush had Katrina and 9-11, and they weren’t free. Thomas said he considered himself well informed. Well, informed by whom? ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, CNN? They are “in love with this president.” Thomas is not getting the true facts. Only Fox News gives those.
If President Obama is so interested in job creation, why did Jeffrey Immult, G.E. CEO, join his (Obama’s) job creation team and send thousands of jobs to China by closing his x-ray division? Also, why did G.E. not pay a ton of money in taxes? I would consider him part of the wealthy that Thomas believes should pay more.
Think back to before Obama was elected. He said: 1. He was going to fundamentally transform America. 2. No one country should dominate another. 3. The United States of America couldn’t stay on top forever.
Well, guess what? The president has gotten his wish. We have been downgraded by S&P.
Judy Dunaway

Cooper Tire made mistake with money
Our generous federal government has given a $175 million grant to Cooper Tire to “ develop a tire that would improve fuel efficiency.”
Isn’t that nice? When Washington offered Florida millions for a high-speed rail system it didn’t need, Florida said “no thanks.”
Alaska said no to millions for bridges it didn’t need. If it’s really a grant, you aren’t required to accept it.
We are trillions in debt. We aren’t able to pay the interest on our loans. I wonder what would happen – in the interest of saving this nation – if individuals, corporations, and states all across America would do as Alaska and Florida have done. I wonder what would happen if we all just said, “No thanks. This is stupid. I don’t need it.”
Cooper Tire’s money might just be a drop in the bucket, but the ocean is made up of trillions of drops. When I get a random email offer from, I block the sender. I wonder what would happen if all across this nation we stopped greedily accepting Federal grants and just blocked the sender.
Judy Land

Obama’s health plan will help all women
In the midst of all the talk about the Personhood Amendment on the November ballot in Mississippi, we can only be grateful that very soon the Affordable Health Care Act will ensure just that – affordable health care for women.
Starting in 2012, new health insurance programs will be required to cover women’s preventative services including women’s well-woman visits, screening for gestational diabetes, breastfeeding support, domestic violence screening, counseling and screening for sexually transmitted infections and access to FDA approved contraception without charging a co-pay, co-insurance or a deductible.
Women require more preventative measures like yearly PAP smears and mammograms, which means higher out-of-pocket costs. Many women, unable to afford regular doctor visits, just let things go until their health is at risk.
Making preventative health care a priority, the Obama administration has taken a giant step toward improving access to quality care for all women. This measure will especially help low-income families who can now prevent life threatening disease or unwanted pregnancy by regular visits to a doctor.
Milly West

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