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By NEMS Daily Journal

Republicans made fiscal crisis the nation faces
The GOP finds itself currently in a lose-lose situation with the looming fiscal cliff debate. When Congress couldn’t make itself agree on a budget deal they crafted a short-term fix and put the hard work off until the 2012 election was over.
The fiscal cliff is a deliberate poison pill of tax hikes on everyone and draconian budget cuts for the entire government, including defense, to force the post-election Congress to agree to some compromise that both parties would despise. Well that time has arrived and it has blown up in the faces of the GOP. Surprise, the American public defied their “wisdom” and reelected a Democratic president and Senate. Now the GOP finds itself facing this scenario – if they cut a deal with Obama to avoid the cliff, taxes on their rich campaign contributors will go up, and if they do nothing and the nation goes over the cliff they created taxes will go up on the rich anyway. (Everybody else’s taxes will go up too but no one cares about us, we don’t finance their campaigns).
The GOP’s only hope is that Obama will be stupid enough to cave in and give them whatever they want and save them from their own foolishness. Why should he? When your opponents are busy strangling themselves with their own nooses, get out of the way and let them. If the GOP refuses to compromise the nation plunges back into a severe recession and they will be held responsible for it and if they do compromise and spare the nation but cut their rich supporters’ throats they will still suffer. Obama didn’t create this trap, the GOP did, and it has sprung on them.
Be careful what you wish for, you might get it, Republicans. You made this mess for yourselves, get yourselves out of it.
Richard Wilkinson

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