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By NEMS Daily Journal

AFA radio criticized about Fisher’s words following Sandy Hook
When I was first told of Bryan Fischer’s comments about the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre I was angry.
When I found a posted clip and heard it all I was absolutely astonished. How in the world can a corporation claiming to represent the fundamentals of Christianity pay a person to say over their broadcast media such a thing as “God is not going to go where He is not wanted” and, “God will say to us, “I’ll be glad to protect your children, but you’ve got to invite me back in to your world first.’”
This man has such a concept of God that He would let children die because He did not feel welcome! This is blasphemy in the worst form imaginable and Bryan Fisher should be summarily dismissed from AFA and the world should be told why.
If AFA does not fire Fisher it will prove that they too are blasphemers and their broadcast licenses should be revoked.
Bob Spencer

Senators’ veterans views seem to shift with wind
It seems that the attitude toward veterans, by our senators, Cochran and Wicker, changes with the wind.
According to a recent news article, both are highly favorable toward a new Veteran’s Medical Foster Home Program, with Sen. Wicker boasting, “Care for our Veterans must remain a top piority.” But, that wasn’t their attitude, when just before the congressional recess, both voted No against the Veteran’s Jobs Act Bill, which was designed to help returning veterans find employment, at a cost of 1 billion spread over several years. “Can’t afford 1 billion,” they said.
But, earlier in the year both voted to borrow hundreds of billions, in order to extend Junior Bush’s tax cuts for the wealthy elite. And, they both voted to continue shoveling out billions annually, in subsides to Big Oil, one of the planet’s most profitable industries. If career politicians can’t afford to help “those who bravely served our country” while they’re young, why get so excited about helping them later? More young ones vote than old.
Lamar Wray

Christmas blessings came early this year for Tupelo woman
It was a beautiful, yet cold, winter morning as I began my daily routine; get up, take meds, fix breakfast, get dressed and enjoy the day.
All of a sudden my telephone rang and one of my precious Sunday school sisters was calling me away. She had had a neighbor pick up some pecans and wondered if I would like them. Of course I never turn down items I use to cook with quite often. But after just having shoulder replacement, I know I could not lift them. called my brother who is always there for me and he followed me to pick them up. As I began to offer pay for the food, she said, “Merry Christmas” with a smile and a hug. Then we were on our way.
I stopped by the “Nut House” to have them cracked. The kind gentleman took them out, cracked them and placed them back in my car. “No charge,” he exclaimed and “Merry Christmas.”
To end my day, my oil light suddenly came on, so I quickly stopped by the Goodyear place to have it checked out. He said it needed a litttle oil put in and he quickly attended to the task at hand. As I began to pay once again I heard, “Merry Christmas” and was on my way.
Christmas is sharing and bringing good cheer … so to my precious day of blessings … God bless you and a happy new year!
Lillian K. Buse

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