YOUR OPINION: Letters to the Editor April 21, 2013

By NEMS Daily Journal

Cast a write-in for Jack Reed Jr.
Recent incidents show that Fred Pitts, in a bid to become mayor, has already begun to destroy all that Jack Reed Jr. has accomplished in the past four years.
Reed has united a city without the use of partisan politics and has allowed for all to work together for the betterment of our city. Pitts already seems more interested in attaining power at all costs instead of continuing unification. He speaks of experience as a reason to vote for him yet he has to resort to scare tactics. We’ve seen throughout the years how the political game is played. It was refreshing to not have to endure that four years ago with Reed Jr and Doyce Deas. It remained rather honorable.
Jack Reed Jr has brought integrity, honesty, transparency, and fairness to the mayorship of Tupelo. We should not allow someone to come in and stain that legacy so soon. If you are a Republican and you can’t seem to find yourself casting a vote for a Democrat like Shelton, do the common sense thing and cast a write-in vote for Jack Reed Jr. If the citizens of Tupelo speak loud enough, we feel that he would honor our request and serve us again.
Raymond Gunn

A less fearful America awaits good gun sense
I want to commend the sensible and reasonable letter in Tuesday’s paper from Kathy Fealhaber about our country’s problems with guns. Her letter is the exact correct response. On the same page was a column by Kathleen Parker, and in this column she expresses opinions that make her seem to be an idiot. New gun safety regulations are never designed to prevent a specific incident, especially a past one that has already occurred.
All laws can do is try to change the direction and probability of future incidents.
That’s why the assault weapons ban and the limit on high capacity magazines is an important first step to changing the direction our country is headed. Even if it takes 25 years to eliminate all the assault weapons and high capacity magazines the gun industry has sold to a fearful American public, at least 25 years from now we will be a safer and more sane country.
Parker’s idea is to do nothing because it won’t prevent another Newtown. Fealhaber’s letter is the correct approach, not because we need to do something to make us feel good that we have done something, but because we have taken the reasonable, responsible first steps toward a real solution over time to gun violence in this country, which is totally out of control.
And don’t even get me started on the NRA’s idea, that the only solution to the gun problem in our country is just more guns everywhere. A crazier statement has never been made. Yes, there are many things that cause violence with guns, but more violence with guns will never be the solution. Only the beginning of a change of attitude can start moving us in the right direction. Fealhaber was correct and Kathleen Parker is totally wrong.
Jim High

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