YOUR OPINION: Letters to the Editor April 23, 2013

By NEMS Daily Journal

We’re living in an era of relativism
Referring to Rev. James Hull’s explanation on why he is for Obamacare in the Daily Journal on April 13, I was struck by the glaring fact that whenever it is expedient the Christian faith is brought into the discussion as a tool to convince. However, when this tool could serve as a tool to advance Christian principles in public and private life which almost always runs counter to the government ideologs then the church is being vilified and lambasted as out of touch, out of date, irrelevant and for us Mississippians in particular, we are just plain ignorant.
Of course, Jesus cared for the poor and we are to emulate him. He also wants us to imitate his life of sexual purity and of integrity, honesty and love toward our neighbor But does anyone care anymore? We are bombarded with all manner of lawlessness, shamelessness and tastelessness on a daily basis wherever we may turn.
We are living in that vast gray area of relativism and as our vision is limited we are groping around in a thick fog of confusion.
With all of man’s intelligence, creativity and ingenuity we cannot harness this elusive spiritual quality called wisdom. “Lean not on your own understanding,” the scriptures warn. This should prompt us to be consistently adhering to our faith-based principles in all of our lives, public and private, and not only when the success of a government program is at stake.
Ilona Bauer

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