YOUR OPINION: Letters to the Editor April 28, 2013

By NEMS Daily Journal

Obamacare is not against Christianity
Selectivity, relativism and finally twisted hypocrisy are the trips and destination Ilona Bauer took us on in her rambling and incoherent letter to the editor. It appeared that she was attempting to show that there was irony in James Hull’s successful attempt at emphasizing that the tenet of Obamacare can be supported by the edicts of Christianity.
He was explaining and helping to encourage people with illnesses to go to their primary care physician instead of waiting for their condition to worsen to the point of emergency; because, at that time, the only option would be to go to the emergency room. Since when should caring for our fellow man produce the sentiment of relativism in the minds of those of us who care about all of us? Financial responsibility, common sense and caring are supported by Christian beliefs. If our community don’t like having safety nets or insurance for all of us, whether it is paid for by individuals or government, they are the one showing a mean streak that is contrary to biblical teachings; or maybe, they are just one of the acknowledged intolerants who don’t like fellow citizens very much; or better yet, maybe we should just leave them alone whistling Dixie and spending the rest of their days thinking themselves a proper Christian while in the care of and wrapped up securely in torts against your fellowman.
Arvin Mosley,

Responding in opposition to two letters of April 21
I write in response to the two letters published April 21; both were adversarial to what I believe.
In response to Mr. Gunn’s letter I would like to say that party does matter. The party doesn’t choose the candidate. The candidate chooses the party. If you run as a party candidate such as a Democrat or Republican then you must believe in what the party stands for. Pointing this out doesn’t stain or destroy anything. If you don’t like what the party stands for, then you leave the party. We’ve seen this happen many times in Mississippi in the past several years. We would then have to believe that Jason. Shelton believes and abides by what the Democrats stand for which is quite contrary to what most Mississippians and Tupelo citizens adhere to. In order to run as a Democrat, one would have to believe that we need higher taxes, abortion, gun control, no immigration control, no tort reform, and big government. Don’t take my word for it; just read some of the comments from our liberal/Democratic contributors to the opinion page.
It all starts at the grass roots which includes our mayor and council people. It is nice that Gunn likes Mayor Reed, but Jack isn’t running for mayor. We need to continue the course set out by the last administration which would mean electing members to the City Council and a mayor that promotes lower taxes, are pro- life, believes in the Second Amendment, are for immigration control, believes in tort reform and are for less government along with making a Tupelo a city to move to and a place to send your children to school. I believe our Republican candidates for council and mayor can do this.
In response to Mr. High’s letter on gun control: I read his letter in which he used the word idiot and crazy. After reading his letter, I soon figured out who the idiot really was.

Terry Dufford

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