YOUR OPINION: Letters to the Editor December 10, 2012

By NEMS Daily Journal

Washington lacks honesty about what’s wrong in US
With the resignation of Sen. Jim DeMint, R-S.C., the endless fighting over the “fiscal cliff” and the debt ceiling issue, it makes me wonder how we are going to get our government to function again for the benefit of all Americans. We all know what the problems are. The question is what do we do about it?
The Tea Party set out to “fix” Washington, but they just want to shut down all government programs. That won’t work for something as complicated as the United States government. Term limits would help, plus a law that once elected you could never ever be a lobbyist, but neither of those changes would ever pass Congress.
Then there is the total lack of honesty in Washington when it comes to discussing the problems within our “free enterprise” system. Corporate greed is out of control. The health care system is not about wellness, but tries to see how many procedures they can charge for. Our financial system causes more problems that it seems to solve. And our legal system, with its contingency fee system for lawsuits and class action suits, wrecks what is left, if anything.
Last week I heard a respected Democrat on MSNBC say, “Yes, we are going to have to correct the problems with Medicare.” Correct the problems with Medicare? Medicare works just fine, thank you; we need to correct the broken “overpriced” way we deliver health care.
Here’s my idea:: If you are the head of Walmart or the owner of a small Main Street business with just four employees, your “first” concern should be about the welfare of your employees, who allow you to be in business in the first place. Show concern that they have health care, a living wage and some expectation of retirement payments, but instead the first concern seems to be how much money can be made by keeping wages low, providing no benefits and cheapening the product to increase profits.
We have reached a sad place in America.
Jim High

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