YOUR OPINION: Letters to the Editor February 11, 2013

By NEMS Daily Journal

Many coalitions so easily fall apart
Is there some deep and intrinsic understanding that white America has of Republican values that allows Republicans to hold sway over vast majorities of them at all cost? What is it that causes them to vote against their own self interest just to be on the Republican bandwagon? Based on our true history, be it commonly accepted history or revisionist history, we marvel at how white Americans were able to put so much in place to make this country a great place for themselves and others; however, answers to this quandary seems to elude those of us who live in a world of reason.
The emerging citizens from formerly fringe minorities are asking for a small share of the American pie. But before we start to think that it is a probability we should remember that coalitions are harder to hold together than solidarity of race and nationality.
Some good examples are:
• The coalitions of the World Wars
• The League of Nations
• The Soviet Union
They all fell apart. Many others will follow in that same vein, which will probably include the European Union and possible the national Democratic Party.
The opening is there. Based on long term historical accounts of disparate group’s collective action, all the Republicans have to do to turn things back into their favor is ameliorate some of their harsh stances on women’s issues, race and issues of immigration. Or better yet, just show a measure of care for their fellow man and, most of all, consideration for reasonable consistency. If while cutting through the thicket of bad ideas and, at the same time projecting their faults upon The Democrats they could succeed; but, if the Republicans continue down that path of purity and absolute certainty they will, deservedly so, be the ones relegated to the scrap heaps.
Arvin Mosley

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