YOUR OPINION: Letters to the Editor February 22, 2013

By NEMS Daily Journal

Thomas’ letter reflected typical liberal attitude
The letter to the editor from Mr. Thomas in Sunday’s paper (2/17/2013), in my opinion, was incorrectly headlined. The letter indicated that we should legalize abortions (legalized murder) so that we didn’t have to take care of the children resulting from irresponsible sex, like building more orphanages. I always thought that the liberals’ concern was for the mother’s health. I guess the real reason is that they want to save money.
The headlline of the letter should have been, “What price is human life?” Liberals seem to have a different view of the value of human life. If the cost is too great, end it (another reason to worry about Obamacare). No one is blaming the administration for people having sex. What we are concerned about is that the administration condones the killing of babies in the womb and many of us are against this killing. Liberals like Mr. Thomas can’t understand this.
I do agree that DNA should be used but in a different way. It should be used to find the father and make him pay the costs for raising the child or go to prison. Paying for incarcerating the father would be money well spent and may be a deterrent for others.
Terry Dufford

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