YOUR OPINION: Letters to the Editor January 11, 2013

By NEMS Daily Journal

NRA’s word about guns isn’t the only viewpoint
The NRA’s response to the mass murders in Newtown, Conn., was not any type of gun control, but to put armed guards in our schools. I have no idea how many schools we have in Mississippi but can you imagine the cost of a guard in every school in the state? Of course there would have to be a tax increase to cover the cost. And what about schools which have multiple buildings? Do you put a guard in every building? And would these guards walk the halls with an automatic rifle over their shoulders? What would happen when a guard with his side arm is confronted by some nut with an automatic assault rifle with a large capacity clip?
Usually when there is talk about gun control one of the first things you hear is references to the Second Amendment, which I support. I think a person who hunts and/or wants to protect his home should be able to have guns. But bear in mind, when the Second Amendment was passed, the only type of guns was muskets, and if a person were extremely fast he might be able to get off three shots per minute.
I can see no reason why anyone except the military and law enforcement would need an automatic assault weapon with large capacity clips. The last three cases of mass murders involved these types of weapons.
I feel the first step in controlling school violence is to make it illegal for an individual to own any type of automatic assault weapon.
Earnest “Dee” Streit

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