YOUR OPINION: Letters to the Editor January 29, 2013

By NEMS Daily Journal

Castens’ column on guns won a reader’s approval
Please allow me to thank Errol Castens for his column of Jan. 18 regarding the killing of innocent school children, school officials and teachers at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut by a depraved young man with obvious mental disorder issues.
Mr. Castens then addressed President Obama’s, the liberal media’s and left wing “anti-gun zealots” usurpation of a senseless tragedy for their own political agenda of gun control. Mr. Castens’ comparison of this and other instances of so-called gun violence to 50 million legal abortions of equally innocent unborn children in the last 40 years as a consequences of Roe v. Wade legislation is the best summation and illustration of the liberal lunacy that has possessed a so-called Christian nation to this point in our history.
If anyone can enlighten me as to why liberals or “the left” cry, wail and rend their garments over gun violence and demand gun control but are seemingly deaf to the abortion of an innocent baby that has a soul, by the way, without even a whimper of protest, please feel free to do so. Why not ban chemicals, stainless steel probes and suction devices if they are so concerned regarding the killing of innocents? Mr. Castens is a breath of fresh air, wisdom and reason compared to the Journal’s most liberal columnists.
I also wish to thank the Harrisburg Camp of the Sons of Confederate Veterans for the purchase of advertising reminding your readers that Monday, Jan. 21, 2013, is also the official Mississippi holiday honoring Gen. Robert E. Lee, CSA, a man known and revered for the “contents of his character.” It would appear that the Journal once again failed to note this historical fact.
David C. Horn

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