YOUR OPINION: Letters to the Editor January 9, 2013

By NEMS Daily Journal

Disagreeing with Wildmon’s views regarding Obama, cutting spending

So Tim Wildmon, in his column of Jan 6, suspects President Barack Obama secretly is trying to bankrupt the nation. I suppose that’s better than the suspicions that he is secretly a communist, or a Kenyan, or a Martian. But where was his suspicion when the seeds for the current financial crisis were sown? By this I mean the Bush era tax cuts, and the Medicare drug plan, and the decade-long wars that were somehow funded off-budget? Talk about shambling towards bankruptcy; the surplus of 2000 was turned into a staggering deficit (and a crippled economy) by 2008.
Wildmon claims Obama shows “no interest” in cutting spending, yet during the debt ceiling debate 15 months ago, Obama offered a package including trillions of dollars in cuts, (the so-called Grand Bargain), but the Republicans couldn’t find a way to say ”Yes”. And when the much-ballyhooed Simpson-Bowles plan came to the House for a vote, even vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan voted against it.
As for the debt ceiling debate, it must be remembered that the entire construct is artificial. The government already has spent the money; the debt ceiling only verifies that the U.S. will honor its obligations. It doesn’t fund future spending. That the nation and the president would be held hostage by threats to shut down the government and provoke a financial crisis speaks volumes about the intentions of Congressional extremists.
I proudly pay my taxes and am thankful my situation allows me to do so. I suppose I could follow the plan of ol’ 14% Mitt Romney. As for the half of Americans who pay no federal income tax, they don’t pay because they are poverty-stricken, or elderly, or disabled, those Lucky Duckies. In support of cutting federal spending, one might suspect that Tim Wildmon wants there to be more of them, poor and ill and homeless. But I believe him to be a better man than that. I disagree with his views, but refuse to impugn his motives or character. I might suggest he take the same approach to those he disagrees with.

Tony Eldridge
Tupelo, MS

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