YOUR OPINION: Letters to the Editor July 7, 2013

By NEMS Daily Journal

Alien U.S. leaders hold power posts
Yes siree Raymond Settle! I agree with every word he wrote headlined “Bible diagnoses; then it prescribes.”
Christians don’t have enough conviction to vote Biblical. We’ve allowed alien leaders into leadership position.
Joe T. Massey

People lost help that’s badly needed
The headline in the June 28 Daily Journal that read “Democrats lose vote on Medicaid” should have read “The Citizens of Mississippi lose on vote on Medicaid.” While the vote refused to even allow a discussion and vote on the Medicaid expansion, it certainly showed how legislators were thinking.
All legislators that voted against the motion to allow a discussion and vote did indeed vote to deny health care coverage to 300,000 Mississippi poor and voted to deny the infusion of $1 billion plus into the economy of Mississippi.
The real reason for this was that the governor, the speaker of the House, and their supporters would not, for any reason, back a proposal that is supported by the president of the United States, who is a Democrat. Politics at its worst is at work in Jackson, and it is a real shame.
Jerry Janci

Why invite feds’ role on insurance exchange?
I was surprised and pleased that you would publish Mr. Wester’s opinion piece of June 30. Thank you. If Mississippi voters would consider their choices rather than voting for the same old professional politicians, we might actually see some change occur. And we do have many who are professionals. For example, Governor Bryant brags that he is not a professional politician but he has served in the legislature, as state auditor, as lieutenant governor, and now as governor. How does one define a professional?
Allow me to digress from the Commentary Page to Mr. Carpenter’s statement in the Journal of June 30, page 5A. I quote: “I feel like we would be encouraging the federal government into our state by developing a state exchange (program) instead of a federal one.” It seems he is telling us he wants an insurance exchange program in Mississippi that is run by the Feds rather than by Mr. Chaney, Mississippi’s elected insurance commissioner. What am I missing here? If he does not want any federal involvement in his district, he should encourage the citizens he represents to refuse to accept Social Security (I suspect many have drawn more than they ever contributed), Medicare or Medicaid health benefits, insist that the district refuse all federal aid for highways, bridges, school lunch programs, etc. That would be a wonderful and easy way for the rest of us to realize an infinitesimally small dent in our federal deficit.
Terry T. Crow

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