Your Opinion: Letters to the Editor July 9, 2012

By NEMS Daily Journal

Have people gotten a fill
of Obama’s bad leadership?
Have you finally got your fill of Barack Obama and his presidency, his constant “in your face” attitude, his constant apologies to Europe, China, Muslims, atheists, etc, but never real Americans?
Have you finally reached the limit of hope and change and the liberal, progressive, democratic, socialist malaise that never gets better? Just look at President Jimmy Carter.
Have you, like many Americans, finally lost confidence in anything Obama does, whether in foreign affairs, with Israel, Iran, Syria, terrorists or in race relations in which he is only president of blacks and union members, not those in the Bible Belt and the rest of America?
Have you finally seen through the inept buffoons of the Obama team including No. 1 fool, Joe Biden, the comic’s delight and faux American?
Have you finally seen that Obama is out to divide America?
Have you finally seen through the environmental insanity that wants to throw parents and grandparents, children and grandchildren under the bus, out of a desire to punish anyone who favors coal and oil?
Have you finally concluded that Obama and his cohorts should be impeached and thrown out of the Oval Office and the White House, including Vice President Joe Biden.
Have those who voted for him finally understood that they should not have voted for him because of his terrible background?
Have you finally come to your senses and now reject everything he has done to America or are you continuing to ignore the beam in his eye and the beam in yours, leading to our destruction?
David Masters
New Albany

Claude Hartley’s service
praised by colleagues
The tenure of Claude Hartley on the Mississippi State Board of Education came to a close when the Board adjourned their June meeting in Jackson. As two individuals who worked closely with Hartley, we wanted to point out some of his attributes and accomplishments which were integral to Mississippi schools.
Claude Hartley was a master at helping build coalitions in order to get things done for children. His leadership, along with the assistance of other members of the Tupelo School Board, developed the vision and a plan to pass the largest school bond referendum ever passed in Mississippi at that time. The strong community involvement and support during this initiative allowed Tupelo to show the rest of the state it could be done.
Hartley also proved to be a steady force in implementing cutting edge technology initiatives and an enhanced curriculum in the Tupelo schools, putting the district at the forefront of educational advancements which continue to serve students well in today’s technologically savvy world. Furthermore, as a member of the State Board of Education, Hartley’s influence during somewhat turbulent times was instrumental in implementing a major accountability system that has had a profound impact on Mississippi students in all districts.
Throughout the years, numerous school districts across Mississippi approached Hartley for advice and assistance, and no matter how busy he was, he always responded. There are far too many other achievements to mention here, but two things about this great man stand out: (1) he always made policy decisions based on what he believed was right, and (2) every decision was made in the best interest of children.
Both of us were privileged and honored to serve as superintendents with Claude Hartley, and we believe that he is one of the finest statesmen ever to serve Mississippi school children.
Mike Walters
Richard Thompson
Chapel Hill, N.C.

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