YOUR OPINION: Letters to the Editor June 10, 2013

By NEMS Daily Journal

No to new state taxes until Legislature improves
Sid Salter has proudly taken on the job of being the booster for the Legislature and displays the misguided fervor for the fiscal sanity of a group of lawmakers all over the country.
He has misplaced loyalty for a group famous for wasting taxpayers’ money and looking out only for themselves and their patrons. If the Legislature was capable of getting its house in order I would not be opposed to taxing the Internet. But can Salter display one real exampe of fiscal integrity? I am waiting.
And will ours be any different from California or New York or Florida or Wisconsin in spend9ing taxes on their special projects but unable to do anything about Medicaid or education or any other pressing problems, such as providing for the hungry in perilous times.
What does it take to wake up the Donkey or the Elephant to the real issues facing us? I am 76 and have followed legislatures as a news reporter for a long time, and those career pols come from the same cloth. Until they begin to change the tax code, revitalizing the state constitution and use vital funds with care, I say no to new funds from online gaming or taxing the Internet or what else they salivate after. Where does Salter get his great loyaltyfor a bunch of cretins?
David W. Masters
New Albany

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