YOUR OPINION: Letters to the Editor June 11, 2013

By NEMS Daily Journal

At the end of the day it’s the voters who vote
Candidates can think all day long that they will win, that history is on their sides, they can bring in the “big guns” to help them, they can spin any story they wish to spin, and then after the election and votes are tallied, they can even spin some more to make themselves sound good.
If you are a candidate and you wish to spin the story that you knew nothing and not responsible for negative emails, phone calls, etc., you may do so.
At the end of the day what matters the most are voters who go to the polls and cast their ballots.
Voters are not stupid and voters get tired of listening to spun stories.
Voters do spot when inaccurate information is being told and voters also realize that if you are a candidate you are responsible for material with your name on it, and voters realize when one person is attacked and who is doing the attacking.
Tupelo bucked history by voting for Jason Shelton, as Robbie Ward so accurately reported in Thursday’s paper, front page story. Brandon Presley was quoted in this story: “Trying to make these races about some national issue is probably an insult to the voter’s intelligence.” I may not agree with the totality of that statement, but I do agree insulting voter’s intelligence is not a smart move, sometimes it will get you beat.
Shelia Lansdell

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