YOUR OPINION: Letters to the Editor June 2, 2013

By NEMS Daily Journal

Party affiliation reveals a person’s true character
We needn’t let apathy elect our next mayor.
Some say that when it comes to local elections, party affiliation doesn’t matter; that only character counts. Well, I believe that your party affiliation contributes to your character. What does it say about the candidate’s character when he is a supporter of a party that favors such social issues as abortion and gay marriage and has a leader that even makes Jimmy Carter look good? Mr. Shelton is not just a casual supporter of the Democratic Party but reportedly celebrated the last two presidential inaugurations with his attendance. The old adage that you are known by the company you keep rings true
Also, we have several people that claim to be part of a group known as “Republicans for Shelton.” I don’t believe that they were ever “real” Republicans.
I believe that Fred Pitts has shown what type of person he is by the way he has handled himself as councilman and president of the council. He has tirelessly worked for the good of the community. His experience in city government more than qualifies him for the position of mayor. Republicans and conservative independents need to go to the polls on Tuesday and vote for Fred. We needn’t let apathy elect our next mayor.

Terry Dufford

Republicans obstruct and seek to tear down
Four years and counting there has been an open season on acceptable silliness from right wing politicians and proponents.
They carry that badge proudly, with more than a subtle wink and grin, as if it represents something deeper than their inane hatred for “You know who.” They think that they are burnishing their brand; instead, they are sorely tarnishing it. Even before, but especially since gaining control of the House of Representative the Republicans have obstructed everything. They are supporting ridiculous and trivial things.
Through their silliness much of what they achieve is diametrically opposed to what they are aiming for. Their ideas are short-sighted and poorly thought out. Their teaching of abstinence instead of sex education has led to more STDs and pregnancies; where austerity is used to correct fiscal problems the economy gets worse.
Dishonesty, racism and crime flourishes in much of the Bible belt. Right wing proponents want to get rid of the Environmental Protection Agency, but before their shiny words crystallize upon the public ear another disaster occurs and temporarily tamps down their public outcry.
The Republicans in the House of Representative claim to support health care but have attempted to get rid of Obamacare nearly 40 times. Before Obama, we were losing almost a million jobs monthly, but now the economy is creating two hundred thousand jobs monthly.
The loans to the banks, AIG, General Motors, and Chrysler have either been paid back or are progressing much better than expected. Benghazi, IRS vs. Tea Party and the AP scandals will surely pass into the future as just another failed attempt by the GOP to soil the Obama legacy.
Arvin Mosley

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