Your Opinion: Letters to the Editor June 7, 2013

By NEMS Daily Journal

Cheney acts adult, but Bryant acts stubborn
It appears like Mike Chaney is the only adult in Jackson and it also appears that the governor is either ignorant or just wants to be stubborn.
This is just a sample of the key features of the Affordable Care Act. On Oct. 1, open enrollment in the health insurance marketplace begins.
Beginning Jan. 1, 2014, all Americans will have access to affordable health insurance options. The marketplace will allow individual plans on a level playing field. Middle- and low-income families will get a tax credit that covers a significant portion of the cost of their insurance all together. These reforms mean that millions of Americans will gain coverage thanks to the Affordable Care Act.
Health insurance premium tax credit starting in 2014, individuals and families can take new premium tax credit to help them afford health insurance coverage purchased through an affordable insurance exchange. Exchanges will operate in every state and the District of Columbia. The premium tax credit is refundable so taxpayers who have little or no tax liability can still benefit. The credit can also be paid in advance to a taxpayers insurance company to help pay the cost of the premiums.
I could go on but space is limited and I just want to point out that our governor is wrong in not embracing the Affordable Care Act. Mike Chaney, our insurance commissioner, has installed the blueprint for an insurance exchange in Mississippi. He is to be commended. If you oppose the Affordable Care Act, I suggest you get informed and educated on it as I am doing so as I write.
Having said this, this Affordable Care Act is the law of the land. It will be operated one way or the other. The state will run it or the feds will run is for us. Very simple.
Lamar Smith
Lee County

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