YOUR OPINION: Letters to the Editor March 10, 2013

By NEMS Daily Journal

Wise up to Obama’s ultimate intentions
Seems like every time the president cannot get his way he comes up with another scare tactic. This one is no different from the rest. This sequester is another way for the Democrats to blame the Republicans.
First, we cannot afford it anyway. Therefore, some things might be cut back, and that is exactly what needs to be done.
Second, when are the people going to realize that the president does not want to govern? All he wants to do is spend like crazy and we will pay for it.
Third, if we continue down this road, then look out, Greece, we will join you and other European countries.
That is why people want to keep their guns. One day you might have people knocking on your door or knocking it down to get food and everything else. Think about it.
Wise up, people!
Henry May

Boehner photo was ‘malicious tactic’
I join Col. Hill in calling out the Journal for its unfortunate choice of photograph of John Boehner on the March 1 front page. It was truly gut wrenching to see my hometown paper had stooped to such a cheap and malicious tactic.
It demonstrated more than mere bias. It smacked of outright bigotry.
Never mind media bias, which is a reality that, like the poor, will always be with us. But such demonstrations of media bigotry, finally reaching down to little old Tupelo having been spawned by less disciplined media (blogs, MSNBC and the like) are disturbing. The paper is – whether intentionally or just carelessly – telling us that the mockery, misrepresentation and trivialization of political opponents is not only effective, it’s acceptable.
Unfortunately, in the next breath, somewhere on the Opinion page, we’re urged incessantly to “work together” to achieve “bi-partisanship.” Yes, the Daily Journal seems to have missed – to have failed to detect the descent of political discourse to the point that liberals, unable to justify their positions and their policies, treat their opponents like enemies at once worthy of ridicule and disgust – the new substitute for “honest disagreement.”
Some would accuse the Journal in selecting that unfortunate cringe-inducing photo of jumping the shark, of having gone to excess.
I’d characterize the move as having bitten many of the hands that feed it: the readers who hope to see our country rescued from its descent, not only into incivility, but into something not worthy of our founding; readers who, heretofore, have bought, read and supported this paper in its mission to serve and to inform the public.
Most unfortunately, you’ve informed us of much more than you bargained for.
Susan Robbins

Zacharias impacted all of higher education
With the passing of Dr. Donald Zacharias, the state of Mississippi lost a leader with a great vision for higher education.His expectations for excellence extended beyond his own campus, raising the bar for all who are engaged in the state’s higher learning initiatives. Blue Mountain College extends condolences to the Zacharias family and to the Mississippi State community.
Dr. Barbara Childers McMillin
Blue Mountain College

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