YOUR OPINION: Letters to the Editor March 17, 2013

By NEMS Daily Journal

Tupelo Council cited for Comcast Cable
I am writing this letter to all CIty Council members as they are the ones to let Comcast Cable do whatever it wants in the city limits of Tupelo. This has gone on for years.
When it is time to renew the contract with Comcast there will be several council members who will bring up problems that their constituents have raised with them.
They’ll put off final approval until Comcast brings forth some junior level executive to listen to the citizens complaints which will be quite lengthy.
They will go back to their office, relay the information and then Comcast will send a higher level executive back to Tupelo.
He will then proceed to relay to the council all the money Comcast has spent creating the cable backbone here in Tupelo.
He will then tell of all the future improvements coming. He will listen to more complaints about service (what service, when you call, they try to get you to be a serviceman), billing problems (prices rise without notice, you get bills for services you do not have) and through this all you get to talk to a representative who can’t understand English when you finally get one on the line usually about a minimum two hour wait or call back.
In this second or third round of so-called negotiations this person will swear on Comcast’s soul he will get to the bottom of all the problems people are having here in Tupelo.
I’m not naive enough to think the council will do anything more than it has in the past. Why? Because by having an exclusive contract over the years there is no viable cable provider in the area.
All you have to do is look to Memphis. They have several options there – Comcast, AT&T and other smaller providers. Guess what? The prices are cheaper (around 30 percent). Why? Because these companies have competition, they have to compete for your business. There is not a governmental granted monopoly in Memphis.
I, along with most Tupeloans, will look forward to the charade with Comcast in the next round of negotiations. There will be no change. Only unkept promises as usual.
Lewis Page
Ward 6

GOP falls on wrong side of Medicaid
Mississippi Republicans are making every effort to avoid debating Medicaid expansion in the Legislature.
They don’t want to discuss any expansion of Medicaid because it is nearly impossible to find an argument that does not lead to or devolve into the vagaries of racial relationships; indeed, and for sure, the Republicans, are afraid that they will, once again, come down, as they usually do, on the wrong side of that argument.
They cannot explain why they support the costly Medicaid program that already exists, but refuse to have anything to do with the free Medicaid expansion under Obamacare; they refuse to acknowledge the big increase in state employment (approximately 10,000) that will occur under Obamacare; and, they refuse to talk about the nearly 300,000 poor people that will have access for the first time to reasonable cost health care and all of the money that will be saved as a result of no longer using the emergency room as their primary care.
All of this will be because of Obamacare. Oops, that’s the operative word that leads to that perplexing catatonic stupor that so many Republicans lawmakers are experiencing at this time.
Will the leaders of the Republican Party continue to be so confident that their constituent’s hate will remain as strong as theirs? Will their constituents continue to subjugate their self interest to the false ideals of their leaders?
I am predicting that as time passes, and with a little bit of bipartisan tweaking, Obamacare will be just what the doctor ordered; furthermore, I’m willing to bet that most of the citizens of this country will eventually break away from that unwritten anti-Obama pact and accept Obamacare as the law of the land, an institution for good, in spite of what some people feel about him now.
Arvin Mosley

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