YOUR OPINION: Letters to the Editor March 19, 2013

What about tougher legislative minimums?
In considering our esteemed group of state leaders who think all new teachers should have made a minimum of 21 on the ACT – or as many so redundantly refer to it: “the ACT college test” – should we not apply the same standards to our public officials, including (and especially) members of the legislative, executive and judicial branches of our government?
Their thought process seems to be that a student who enters college with, say, an 18 or 19 on the ACT and in the ensuing years through hard work and perseverance earns a degree is still unworthy of being a teacher. So much for the “American way.”
Using that same “logic” then, there can be no reason that anyone who did not make high grades in Mississippi history, government, political science and economics while in school – if they even bothered to take those classes – should be allowed to run for office, much less entrusted with the governance of our state.

Danny McKenzie

Ripley fan enclosure helped with balance
My family and I went to a Ripley baseball game on Saturday, March 10. It was a cool day with stiff winds. When we entered the field a lady noticed that I had balance problems.
She approached us and suggested that we or I might like to watch the game from a new dugout with a visitors space above it.
This facility was about 40 feet long and could accommodate quite a number of fans.
It was enclosed with a glass front and had an excellent view. I quickly accepted the invitation and really enjoyed the game in real comfort.
What a great idea for older people.
Wallace L. Henry

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