YOUR OPINION: Letters to the Editor March 31, 2013

Use of official’s name disturbs Tupelo resident
The mail brought me a large brown envelope with the return address of Stacey Pickering, Auditor, State of Mississippi, 520 George Street, Jackson, MS 39202. U.S. postage stamps of one 2012 Forever stamp and an 86-cent Puffin. ($1.30). Inside is a note with the auditor’s name and title topped by the Capitol dome. At the very bottom it says “Not printed or mailed at taxpayers expense”.
The contents are a personally addressed letter to me from Forest Thigpen, president of the Mississippi Center for Public Policy. The letter is a diatribe against all of the progressive legislation of the Obama Administration and a request for a donation, anything from $100 to $25,000-plus!
Furthermore, this blatantly political organization claims that donations to it are deductible for income tax purposes.
Question: Why is the Auditor of the State of Mississippi allowing his office to be exploited?
Question: Why is such a political organization allowed to accept “tax deductible contributions”?
I checked the IRS database of Organizations qualified to receive deductible donations. The answer for “Mississippi Center for Public Policy” came back as:
“Organizations Eligible to Receive Tax-Deductible Contributions (Pub. 78 data)
There were no tax-exempt organizations found matching the search values you entered. ”
I also emailed a form 13909 to the IRS reporting this unlawful use of “tax deductible contribution” in the solicitation.
It seems to me that the political issues in Mississippi are strained enough without officers of the state government letting their official identity be used. It is unlawful to ask for money and claim donations are tax deductible when the organization is not listed on the roll of authorized groups.

Bob Spencer
Beware what follows nightclubs into town
You know when you have nightclubs in your town, next will be topless clubs, then the next will be Chicago or New York mobs will move in.
They will take over from the little mob that runs Tupelo and Lee County, then all the nightclubs run by white and black people.
Then they buy a mayor or city council member. Then the sheriff better watch his back.
Then they will buy votes with their clubs open. You better watch who you vote for.
Money can buy anybody. So if I don’t read in the newspaper you know who has been bought out.
Wonder what newspaper will come to Tupelo or who will run it? So newspaper and people, watch out. Look at Memphis and Jackson.

Johnnie Cauthern

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