YOUR OPINION: Letters to the Editor March 4, 2013

Page 1 Boehner photo defined paper’s biases
I take the paper mostly to read your obituaries, never your “opinions” since it’s apparent where you stand: LEFT. LEFT, LEFT. If anyone has a doubt the pictures of Boehner and Obama on the March 1 front page should settle the matter. I don’t know where you got the Boehner picture but I’m sure it is the worst one you could find in your files. Of course the Obama picture was the BEST you could find. Along with the pics was a most misleading headline. The “cuts” are not “cuts” but a reduction in spending increases that this idiot plans to use to wreck the economy and drive the country into socialism. His goal is to ruin us! And the “cuts” were his idea.
Frankly no one knows how Obama got where he is. I know that he attended the most prestigious private school in Hawaii. I was a lieutenant colonel when I was stationed there and couldn’t afford to send my children to Punahou. Punahou was where the rich kids went. I was under the impression that Obama was a poor kid, living with his grandparents. Of course after Punahou he went to Occidental College in California as a “foreign student.” How did he swing that? Surely as an “inquiring journalist” you’d want an answer to that one. But that answer might rain on your liberal parade.
I worry for my children and grandchildren because we ARE going to run out of money since Obama’s base is the folks that get “free stuff.” Seventeen trillion is a chunk of change, but why worry? When a loaf of bread costs $10 the “free stuff” will run out and we’ll be right where Obama wants us: socialists or worse! You know, by then the folks that get “free stuff” might have to go to work. Wouldn’t that be a shame?
William B Hill
Colonel USAF (Ret.)

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