YOUR OPINION: Letters to the Editor May 1, 2013

By NEMS Daily Journal

John Pitts got it right about bikes and the Trace
Having been a reader of the Daily Journal for over 60 years and a subscriber for 50-plus years, I have often been tempted to write my opinions many times of which I have plenty. In this case, I felt the urge to say “Amen” to writer John L. Pitts for his article titled “Natchez Trace too deadly for bicycles” (April 13, 2013). The article was too great for me to be silent.
As a boy, I rode many miles on my bike and early on was instructed by my parents and the police that the streets were for cars and trucks. I was also told to ride facing the traffic so that I might be able to see oncoming traffic and to avoid being hit.
Why has this very safe procedure been changed? I truly feel sorry for the loss of lives that has happened recently, but Mr. Pitts hit the nail directly on the head.
I own property at Van Vleet in Chickasaw County and travel the Natchez Trace quite often. On one occasion while coming home, I met a cyclist (on one of those bicycles you lay down on) in a driving downpour heading south completely in the middle of the lane and barely visible until almost too late. A little common sense on his part certainly should have been used.
If our government is so intent to spend our taxes on laws and signs for bicycle riders, then bicycle lanes should be provided for them (cyclists) at their expense or they should be required to give the right of way to the cars and trucks which their owners pay high fuel taxes for our roads in the first place.
James E. Montgomery
Furrs community
Pontotoc County

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