YOUR OPINION: Letters to the Editor May 12, 2013

By NEMS Daily Journal

Urge defeat of so-called tax fairness legislation
Our senators Cochran and Wicker both voted for the Marketplace Fairness Act to impose state and local sales taxes on Internet sales. They claim it will restore fairness to local retailers, but how fair is it to consumers?
It is estimated that this bill will be a $382.5-billion tax hike nationally, and it will cost Mississippians more than $100 million a year in new taxes. It will drive many of the smaller online sellers out of business because of the requirement for them to keep up with the tax laws of every jurisdiction where their customers reside, and they must act as tax collectors for those jurisdictions. We need to be creating jobs rather than driving these small businesses out of business and spending cuts by government rather than more taxes.
This bill still must be considered in the House, and I would encourage you to immediately let your representative know your opinion on this legislation. Is marketplace fairness worth $382.5 billion in new taxes and establishing a precedent where governments can impose taxes without representation? Is there really unfairness in the marketplace when shipping charges apply to all online sales that local retailers do not have to charge their customers? I have asked my representative to remember his no new taxes pledge when he votes on this bill.

Raymond Settle
Blue Mountain

NRA’s problem is its 5 percent ‘wacky’ wing
It’s hard to talk sense to people whose opinions were apparently set in stone back in the Dark Ages, but here goes anyway: I think 95 percent of NRA members are decent, honest, law-abiding citizens who are a threat to no one. That’s my personal opinion of you, gun owners, OK?
The reason you feel picked on by the American public in general and the media in particular is because of the other 5 percent of the NRA, the genuinely wacky, loony gun nuts. Unfortunately for responsible gun owners everywhere, the loony 5 percent are in control of the NRA organization and are the ones who go on TV and the Internet to foam at the mouth and rant.
Anyone who wants a gun in this country can get one, today, in an hour or less. Does that sound like they are getting scarce to you?
But if I want to drive a car, I need a license, and my car needs a license. If I want to hunt, I have to have a license. The same thing, if I want to fish.
Seems to me like our priorities are just a little out of whack. Everyone is so afraid the big bad government is going to come and take away their little bang-bang toys.
You may be surprised to learn that I agree with you that no gun law that exists or is proposed would have stopped a single mass shooting. In fact, I believe that mass shootings, in the coming years, will become so common that they hardly make the news anymore. Guns are so readily available, in such huge numbers, that it would be a better idea to wipe every gun law in the nation off the books. They’re just a waste of time. As long as the kids who die aren’t anyone you know, let them die. It’s a small price to pay, if it lets us all keep all our guns, right?
Richard Wilkinson

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