YOUR OPINION: Letters to the Editor May 13, 2013

By NEMS Daily Journal

Fair and balanced isn’t Fox News
While reading the “Your Opinion” section in the March 24 edition of the Sunday Journal, I got a real hoot from one of your accepted letters. I believe that any American who claims that Fox News “reports both sides” or implies that it is unbiased, is truly a “low informed voter” – the writer being guilty of her own accusation of others. I believe it’s a shame to have a virtually foreign-owned news corporation be allowed to verbally assault the president 24/7, resorting even to calling him derogatory names on our American airwaves. The many biased viewers of Fox News are constantly hammered with total nonsense and propaganda continually paraded before them as “news.”
No president in this country’s history has been as relentlessly bombarded by partisan rhetoric, misinformation and just flat out bald-face lies as Obama. Fox News viewers ignore any actual facts as to the many terrific accomplishments of this administration. No way will they give credit to this virtually one-man gang against the takeover of our country by the very few super-greedy super-wealthy individuals and corporations. They much prefer the constant “the sky is falling” rhetoric of their chosen news station. Fox News is not news, and it is neither fair nor balanced.
As for Americans, we went to the polls and chose Barack Obama. We are a democracy, where the majority decides. Representing our democracy, we the people chose Obama because the majority of us liked his ideas for solutions. The Republican Party needs to compromise reasonably on the issues important to all Americans, not just their wealthy rulers. If they don’t, 2014 will be a really bad year for them.
The last few years have been rough on many American workers. These same few years have been the most profitable in history for many American corporations and businesses. It is their job to create jobs and employ Americans – not the president’s.

David Morris

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