YOUR OPINION: Letters to the Editor May 14, 2013

By NEMS Daily Journal

Trash collection’s not broken, so don’t fix it

It seems the City Council is thinking of changing the garbage contract and reducing service to one trash pickup per week.
After millions of dollars spent on pools, parks, roads and schools to improve our image to potential new residents and business, they should not skimp on a service that contributes to the single most important message of the quality of a community-being Clean and Trash Free. Twice weekly pickup prevents overloaded bins and the resulting trash that escapes from wind, spillover or scattered by animals. You know the trash will be picked up twice a week, so folks plan accordingly so all trash makes it into their bin. All recycling bins should be the 96 gallon size, making it much easier for older folks to wheel them to the curb, prevent spillover by the small box bins and to encourage more recycling.
With the City making a profit of over $767,000 per year on the current contract rate, any increase in the new contract could be easily absorbed by the city at the current residential rate. As for Waste Management, they have always be easy to contact and responsive to requests for service or information. Drivers and crews have also been courteous and efficient as they make their way through the neighborhoods. If a company has made an investment in the community and continues to perform at a competitive rate, we should be loyal to them and provide security to their employees.
Ron Smith

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