YOUR OPINION: Letters to the Editor May 26, 2013

By NEMS Daily Journal

Mayor Reed endorses Fred Pitts for mayor
I have never put much stock in political endorsements. I’ve always preferred to make up my own mind. I still feel this way. But so many people have inferred from the reporting on the Tupelo Mayor’s Race that since I “have not publicly endorsed Fred Pitts” that I must no longer be supporting him. This is simply not true, and I have privately told anyone who has asked me that I plan on voting for Mr. Pitts for Mayor.
That is not a vote against Jason Shelton. I like Jason and I sincerely appreciate him offering himself for public service. Many, many good men and women do not. If he should be elected, I will do all I can to make the transition successful.
However, when I ran for Mayor I asked the voters to look seriously at that contest as a job interview, and choose the candidate whose qualifications best matched the city’s needs.
In this year’s election I think our greatest need is to continue on the positive path we have worked so hard to achieve.
Most of the important City Council votes that advanced my initiatives were not unanimous. The votes for a balanced budget with a common-sense, 5 year capital plan to pay for expensive items like new fire trucks, Mr. Pitts was with me. The crucial votes to invest in our older neighborhoods by acquiring and tearing down dilapidated, drug-infested structures and returning them to the private sector, Mr. Pitts was with me.
In addition he has been a very thoughtful and hard-working Council leader who has helped bring back “The Tupelo Spirit” to our city.
I believe that, if elected, he will carry on the good things we were able to start this term. Simply put that is why I will be voting for him as our Mayor this election day.
Jack Reed, Jr., Mayor

Local merchants deserve level field
Despite advertising by Main Street associations across the U.S., encouraging people to shop local to support their local merchants, some just won’t. They fight the Marketplace Fairness Act, because they want cheaper prices period. Even if it’s only 6 cents.
The Act will allow a level playing field in the area of online sales taxes to be collected, and thereby help local small mom and pop shops, of which I’m one. Most people would not even realize a 6 or 8 percent sales tax for a book, CD, car part, pair of shoes, or any other thing bought online.
From the books I sell in Tupelo, I buy gas here, buy my shirts here, pay my electric bill and my cable bill here, eat at restaurants here, attend Elvis Fest here, and thousands of other things here. Most of those are run and staffed by people here in Tupelo who get paid wages here and do the same right here in Tupelo with the wages they receive. One big happy circle. That’s not so if you buy from someone in Oregon because he beat my price by 6 cents.
I’m thankful to those that support locals. All I want is a chance to compete on a level playing field.
Joe Haynes

THS Principal Harris lauds community help
Another graduation is behind us, and I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank our local clubs, organizations and private citizens who continually support our Tupelo High School students.
Through your generosity, our students received over $90,000 in local grants and scholarships alone. Coupled with college and university scholarships, our graduates were offered in excess of $5 million.
In addition, our senior students rely each year on community members willing to share their time and knowledge for Culmination Projects, a requirement for graduation. Our teachers and administrators always are amazed at the superior work that stems from these student/community partnerships.
On behalf of our graduating seniors and THS staff, we wish to thank our community for all its support.
Jason Harris
Tupelo High School

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