YOUR OPINION: Letters to the Editor May 4, 2013

By NEMS Daily Journal

Gun makes citizen
feel safer in home
I read Jim High’s letter (April 21) which focuses on name-calling. Kathleen Parker is an idiot, and the NRA is crazy. It seems High picked up a pen and the ignorance poured out.
Read the history of our nation, and our heroes had a familiarity with guns before going into battle to defend our nation. Read the Constitution and see that our forefathers had the wisdom to recognize the necessity of familiarity with guns before the need to use one. Read about the 31 states with “right to carry law” (Elder P.272) and the resulting drop in crime. As one person wrote: “If gun control laws worked, Chicago would be like Mayberry.” But there was 506 murders in Chicago in 2012 (NRA, May 2013).
I feel safer in my home because I have a gun. I can protect my family and my property while my wife calls 911 and continue that protection for the 5-15 minutes until law enforcement personnel arrive.
I would suggest people read: 1. “Ten things one cannot say in America” by Larry Elder. 2. “More Guns, Less Crime” by University of Chicago Professor John R. Lott Jr. 3. NRA commentary (May 2013) and our success in preserving our rights as guaranteed by our Constitution.
I would call attention to the hypocrisy of Carl Rowan, Sharon Stone, Dianne Feinstein, Donald Trump, William Buckley, Lawrence Rockefeller and Howard Stern, all strong anti-gun, and yet each one has/had a “right to carry permit” (Elder P. 269-270).
“Two million people a year use a gun for defensive purposes.” (Elder, p.280, citing John Lott).
“Less than 1 percent of the nation’s firearms will ever be used in any crime. Of that 1 percent only a tiny fraction involve so-called ‘assault weapons’.” (Elder, p. 282). The solution is not more gun laws, but enforcement of those already in force.
An opinion based on current available information leads to an open discussion and solutions, but one based solely on emotions is evidence of deliberate ignorance.
Ken Pickens
School should fight
atheist group’s threat
Concerning the article in the Journal on May 2, “Atheist group sues over prayer meeting.”
Free speech! Has that been taken away from “we” the people? From what I read there was no hate speech involved in the presentation.
What harm did the advice do by inviting the students to turn to Jesus Christ to help with their problems?
I’d say it was the best advice they could have been given. Such a pity that the student who provided the video did not accept the message for his/her need.
I do hope the Northwest Rankin High School will not succumb to the atheist threat. They should contact Liberty Council.
Ferne Jackson

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