YOUR OPINION: Letters to the Editor May 6, 2013

By NEMS Daily Journal

Pontotoc school board cited for big turnover
Many of your readers may not be aware that the first full week of May is traditionally recognized as Teacher Appreciation Week, with the Tuesday of that week being Teacher Appreciation Day.
I cannot begin to say enough about the dedication and commitment of our local teachers to their students and their responsibilities as educators.
Teachers are the unsung heroes of our community and they, and the school system in general, were simply the main reason why we relocated to Pontotoc over 17 years ago.
However, in spite of all of our teachers efforts, a great many of them seem to be deserting the very school system that brought us to town in the first place. In our high school alone, there have been 7 principals in just the past 11 years, an astounding turnover.
Ultimately all leadership flows from the top, and as the saying goes, the fish turns bad from the head down.
It is up to the citizens of Pontotoc to decide why the school board, which is comprised of elected and appointed members, is allowed to make decisions that cost our schools the very teachers that are so important to it to survive. Why do our students want to transfer away from a high school that allows eight continuous periods all through the day without a break? Do we want these decisions being made by a board of education that so obviously has a personal agenda?
It is time for all of our Pontotoc readers to take an active look at the school board and start to ask hard questions about why the administrators and teachers all want to leave our hometown for greener pastures in neighboring towns and districts.
When we first moved here many years ago, these were in fact the greener pastures we were looking for, right here in Pontotoc.

G Lipscomb

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