YOUR OPINION: Letters to the Editor November 1, 2012

By NEMS Daily Journal

Obama administration attacks Catholics’ vows of conscience
Voting is an exercise in moral judgment, not an exercise in nostalgia.
Ronald Reagan once warned that if we fail to oppose an oppressive government, we will someday sit by our firesides telling our grandchildren what our country was like when we were free.
Americans face a monumental decision. Will we choose freedom or servitude? Do we want public servants or public masters?
Will all Christians and others of good will stand in solidarity with Catholic Christians whose religious liberties are under grave attack by the Obama administration?
The HHS mandate forces the Catholic Church to pay for contraception, sterilization, and abortifacient drugs in health-care plans. May God help us.
The church’s God-given right to proclaim the Gospel to the world, care for the poor, protect innocent human life, provide hospitals, schools, etc. is in great danger.
For the first time in America our government is requiring Catholic Christians to disobey 2,000-year-old moral teaching.
If government goes unchecked, every Christian eventually will be ordered to sin or be persecuted.
St. Peter, the apostle, was ordered “not to teach” the truth about Jesus. He obeyed God, thus disobeying authorities, and was eventually martyred.
It is clear that anyone who says they will never disobey an unjust law has made government their god, their final authority.
Those who refuse to see the terrible direction in which our country is going, are neither blind nor innocent!
Please place your hands gently around your child’s or grandchild’s face; look deeply with love into his/her eyes; think of what kind of future we leave them. Pray, then go and vote.
Susan Seale

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