YOUR OPINION: Letters to the Editor November 2, 2012

By NEMS Daily Journal

America needs Christian faith to maintain moral behaviors
I am so tired of people saying we’re not a Christian nation because if we are not, then we should be.
We live in a society that arrogantly elevates its worldly wisdom.
I believe America is facing a crises today as never before.
The Pledge of Allegiance is being targeted because we say “one Nation under God.”
How long before “In God we Trust” is taken off our bills and coins ?
Love and common sense enables us to care for those who have been more successful by the world’s standards, even if our efforts have been blocked for some reason or other. When we keep our mind on things above, we have no reason to be envious on those focused only on worldly fame or fortune, so be content with what you have.
Whenever Christianity has prevailed it raises our standard of morals. When we lose this fact, our morals go to the devil.
Without a firm Christian foundation it will be impossible to get back good values.
Look at the movies, television shows and people.
Modesty has blown out the window. Killings of children and people can’t control their tempers are on many shows.
We see perverted sex, jealousy, self-centeredness, vanity and greed.
Repentance is just another word for those who’d rather do mean or evil things because they don’t believe in Jesus Christ and what he stands for.
Philippians: 4:13: “Without him, I am nothing, but with him I can do all things through him who strengthens me.”
Juanita Horstman

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