YOUR OPINION: Letters to the Editor November 3, 2012

By NEMS Daily Journal

Sunday ad lacked sufficient details about what to fear
There was a full page ad on the back page of Section A of Sunday’s Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal saying federal rules and regulations cost about a zillion dollars. First of all, this ad didn’t say who paid for it or placed it, and secondly, it didn’t say what rules and regulations are so expensive.
Now I am just a simple country lawyer, but it seems certain necessary information is missing here. If you’re going to scare my pants off, give me some idea of what I’m supposed to be afraid of. Don’t make me guess what door the ax murderer is behind.
Thomas L. Sweat Jr.

Don’t vote a straight Republican Party ticket

Mississippians should not be voting as a blanket Republican state.
Every economic indicator shows that under Republican leadership, (1) We are always at the bottom, (2) Have no plans to help the middle class in our state, (3) Will remain last in every category due to lack of progressive, responsive leadership. So-called conservative Republicans are looking out for their own interests: making money, keeping it, and staying in power.
As true Mississippians, we should not be voting with Republicans:
1. If you are for women’s reproductive rights.
2. If you earn under $30,000 a year, after taxes.
3. If you need Medicare and/or Medicaid.
4. If you need financial aid to attend college.
5. If you have to worry about enough gas money.
6. If you are on welfare.
7. If you are not working.
8. If your small business is not making enough money for the overhead.
9. If you are drawing unemployment benefits.
10. If you are a veteran needing benefits.
11. If you are on social security benefits or retired.
12. If you need help keeping your kids in day care.
13. If your kids are on WICK benefits or food stamps.
14. If your biggest days of the month are on the 1st and the 15th.
15. If you can’t afford to take off for a vacation, because you can’t pay your bills.
16. If, as a good Christian, you don’t question our presidents faith, heritage, and nationality.
These few examples are just a few reasons why you are not qualified to be a Republican.This list probably should cover over 70 percent of Mississippians that need government help to survive. Another little known fact is that over 50 percent of these uninformed voters are white people.
Don’t we want Mississippi votes to count in the United States?
Kenneth De Walt

Obama provides pride for Amory voter’s OK
I have never written or spoken up before because most people around me are Republicans and I didn’t have the courage to go public.
I believe President Obama is the right one for America. He seems to love this country and keep his cool amid criticism and wrongful accusations.
I look at it this way: The president is like a father. We trust him to protect us. We are like a family. We do what we can, but if it’s more than we’re able to do alone, our loved ones come to the rescue.
We are the United States of America. United we stand as one.
I have never been so proud to be an American before this week.
Carrie Wall

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