YOUR OPINION: Letters to the Editor November 5, 2012

By NEMS Daily Journal

Libertarian option cited as a better voting choice
One of the truisms of American presidential elections is the one reflected by the cliche “the lesser of two evils” – that is that the great majority of voters are voting for a candidate they do not really support simply because he is preferable to the alternative offered by the other major party. Seldom if ever has that been more true of an election than this one.
There is another way. In this election, for the first time in their history, the Libertarian Party has nominated a candidate who is every bit as credible and qualified as the major party challenger by any measure. Gov. Gary Johnson is an excellent candidate and deserves your consideration.
As long as we sheepishly vote for the candidates, however flawed, foisted upon us by the Democrats and Republicans, we will continue to get candidates we must hold our noses to vote for. On the other hand, the more of us who are willing to step out of that cycle and vote for someone else, the more the parties will have to re-examine the quality of the choices they offer. If the Libertarian Party receives as much as 5 percent of the popular vote, it will be entitled to federal election funding in the next cycle. Money equals visibility which equals more support. That, in turn, pressures the major parties to hear our voices. Surely that is something worth voting for, whatever your party identification.
Tammy Rainey

Saturday letter looked like a welfare mentality stance
Mr. de Walt’s letter of Nov. 3 with a list of reasons not to vote Republican looked like a list to let the government take care of us all. What happened to hard work and personal responsibility to help oneself? I believe it was President John F. Kennedy who once said, “Ask not what your country can do you, but ask what you can do for your country.”
Roger Inman

Rape discussion reveals politics gone off the rail
Who would have thought the topic of rape would find itself in the middle of the recent political arena?
Apparently, several Tea Party politicians think they have acquired sufficient medical knowledge allowing them to redefine this crime.
The clown from Missouri, Todd Aiken, Senate hopeful, has informed us that a legitimate rape (whatever that is,) won’t result in pregnancy since a woman’s body rejects fertilization by producing secretions as a preventative. I wonder where he received his medical internship as an OB/GYN. Physicians throughout the country have adamantly refuted Aiken’s claims. Over 32,000 pregnancies occur annually due to rape. Obviously, a lot of women ignored Aiken’s theory. Maybe those rapes weren’t “legitimate.” This guy is as off the wall as one could be.
Recently, the Republican from Indiana, Richard Mourdock, also in the Senate race, attempted to convince us that rape is God’s hand at work and that women should perceive conception as a gift. What’s worse is that the Republican presidential candidate has endorsed this guy.
Rape is rape, the most despicable of all acts. How a woman chooses to deal with it becomes her own personal decision.
Our political world has clearly gone off the rails !
Kathy Fealhaber

Baptist leader’s endorsement ends a longstanding pledge
So, I see that Southern Baptist leader Richard Land has endorsed Mitt Romney for president. Despite his longstanding pledges to never endorse a candidate. Despite his use of phrases like “I do not endorse candidates, and I have not and will not endorse…” and “I have not and will not endorse candidates.” Despite his long commitment to pro-life causes, he endorses a candidate who, in his one governing position, bragged about how he was openly pro-choice and would defend a woman’s right to choose.
So, I see that the Billy Graham Association has removed Mormonism from its list of cult religions, and supports Romney. Has there been a theological change from the Mormon elders that justifies this sudden reversal? Has the Mormon faith newly adopted positions on salvation, or the Trinity, or anything to explain this reversal?
Or is it just that these folks fear that a moderately progressive president might actually try to enact moderately progressive policies? I suspect that there is no theology or religion involved here, just naked partisan politics. Nothing any more noble than that. Nothing to see here, folks. Get your voter guides at the church door, or at the dry cleaners, or the bank; all the same.
Tony Eldridge

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