YOUR OPINION: Letters to the Editor October 11, 2012

By NEMS Daily Journal

Russell’s column lacked ‘service’
Marty Russell’s column, “Just a little (political) talk with God,” published in Wednesday’s paper is a mockery of God, in my humble opinion.
Christians do a thing that is called prayer. We pray to God and, yes, we pray to God for America and to bless our nation. One point Russell wrote, and I quote, “If you have to have someone else tell you who to vote for, then you’re either too lazy or too dumb or both to be voting anyway” would have been fodder enough to have completed his allotted space for Wednesday’s column, but why write about God backing Rick Perry, a wombat, God rolling on golden streets laughing, separating church and state with a razor wire, and God slapping a sin tax on churches?
Why would the Daily Journal print such a column when the Daily Journal prints on the front page of every paper the words “A locally owned newspaper dedicated to the service of God and mankind”? What service to God did this column provide? Just wondering …
Shelia Lansdell

Wake up; deny Obama victory
Mitt Romney came to the debate armed with facts and a clear vision. President Obama showed up and, well, voted “present.” The contrast between the two was strikingly obvious. Wake up, America. Background and experience do matter. The nation cannot afford to make the same mistake again by re-electing this smooth-talking “community organizer.”
Don Holcomb

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