YOUR OPINION: Letters to the Editor October 18, 2012

By NEMS Daily Journal

America headed to unrest, revolution
The town where I grew up was small. Life was simple. There were no titans of corporate America, no private jets or billionaires. There were no opportunities for genuine socioeconomic advance. (NAFTA and Permanent Normal Trade Relations With China made sure of that.)
Education was the only way out – this I learned from my mother, whose manner of parenting resembled that of Genghis Khan more than Florence Nightingale.
I dreamed of doing something big with my life. While attending the local public schools in Pontotoc, I studied hard and did my homework. My diligence in class resulted in a tangible reward when I received an academic scholarship that made it possible for me to attend The University of the South in Sewanee, Tenn. Today I am a board-certified emergency medicine physician.
Personal experience taught me two important lessons:
1) Life is really not that hard.
2) Most of us reap what we sow.
Every day I wake up to a country I no longer recognize – the country governed for eight years of my childhood by Ronald Reagan’s pragmatism and common sense. Today, entitlement programs abound. Everyone is a victim. Sloth stands in place of personal initiative. Hard work no longer pays off. The fruits of ingenuity are redistributed to simpletons and derelicts. Ne’er-do-wells have been co-opted by the left and now represent an entire voting block of 47 million annointed monthly with food stamps and a government check. America is no more.
Some day the timeless laws of economics will reign supreme and the federal government will collapse. The coffers of entitlement recipients will at last run dry. Civil unrest will wash over every street. The social order will be turned on its head and those who have long fed at the government trough, funded solely by the hard-working few, will at last get what they deserve.
I pray I am around to see it.
Starner Jones, MD
(formerly of Pontotoc)

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