YOUR OPINION: Letters to the Editor October 18, 2012

By NEMS Daily Journal

Reveal new plans; put them in place
I do not believe all of the economic woes should be blamed on President Obama. If the two nominees for the Republicans have a solution to the economic situation as they state, why not reveal it now so it can be put into effect?
I strongly believe that NAFTA should be reviewed and be partially or fully rescinded; require our factories to return home.
Robert W. Gordon

Auburn parents praise UM fans
First off, to Ole Miss fans on the win over Auburn..
I wanted to write you and tell you that you have the best fans in SEC football!!
My son is the long snapper for Auburn (and yes, Ole Miss recruited him), so we wore our jerseys as we walked to the stadium. Not one single time before or after the game did anyone say a negative thing to us. We were invited twice to tailgate with fans from Ole Miss. Once was before the game and the second time was as we walked back to the car after the game.
The gentleman that took our money for parking talked to us and welcomed us to Ole MIss.
It was amazing to see all the tailgating tents in “The Grove.” Ole Miss has a beautiful campus and the fans take care of it. We ran into no one that had had too much to drink and we did not see trash lying around on the ground.
We look forward to coming back to Ole Miss in two years and we hope that Auburn will show Ole Miss fans the same courtesy next year that Ole Miss fans showed us. Maybe, in two years, we will take up some offers to tailgate and spend some time with UM fans.
Everyone was awesome at Ole Miss!
Randy and Patricia Hill
Jonesboro, Ga.

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