YOUR OPINION: Letters to the Editor October 25, 2012

By NEMS Daily Journal

Mississippi senators’ vote to block employment bill ‘shafted’ veterans
Our brave troops returning from laying their lives on the line will find that the Washington “chicken hawks” who sent them over there to “protect our freedom and way of life” are not their friends.
Just before the congressional recess, the Republicans who so sanctimoniously celebrate their service at every photo op, shafted the veterans by blocking passage of the Veterans Act Bill, a bill designated to help them find employment. Both our state’s senators were on the Nay list. Couldn’t afford the projected $1 billion cost. This, of course, after they had no problem squandering some $800 billion on the unfunded “war of choice” in Iraq, and are still vigorously shoveling out billions to make the corrupt Afghan President Karzai and his poppy-growing warlords filthy rich with no benefit to the American taxpayer.
And, oh my, there was no hesitation at all by our career politicians when it came to borrowing hundreds of billions in order to extend the junior Bush tax cuts for his super wealthy friends. Nor did either senator stutter when asked to vote yes last summer for the billions in subsidies to big oil even though the oil industry is one of the planet’s most profitable. This vote is easier to understand, if you could just hear the clink of hundreds of thousands petro-dollars dropping into the campaign bucket.
There has also been no interest shown in taking back the key to the U.S. Treasury from the CIA and Pentagon who are busy little beavers, building military bases all over Africa, Arabia and even Australia, seeking more killing fields for our brave troops. Where they can, “fight ’em over there, so we won’t have to fight ’em over here.” Another favorite propaganda line of the Washington and Fox News Channel “chicken hawks.”
Republicans seem to think that since the majority of veterans are of the working class, they have now become just another empty can to be kicked down the road.
Lamar Wray

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