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By NEMS Daily Journal

‘Punishment for sex’ is inaccurate description
Calling for a gender war is not good advice. Last Sunday’s op-ed column by Emily Le Coz says that our elected leaders are punishing women for having sex. I don’t think so.
Having sex and trying to find a solution to people wanting to “take care” of the “result” of that sex by people who are inconvenienced by the outcome is not exactly the same. (Especially when “taking care” of it in a lot of people’s eyes is taking a life).
We abhor cruelty to animals. And contrary to what some think, our elected officials do seek the peace and safety of the women in our society. The uncounted emotional hardship a woman alone must carry after an abortion for the rest of her life should be more important than inconvenience. I don’t think there are many women who can ever sear that part of their conscience permanently and completely. The world would be a sad place without women and they deserve emotional peace as well.
I don’t believe in the invasiveness of the proposed legislation, but I don’t believe our daughters should have to bear an undue emotional burden either.
Joe Haynes

Seek justice and truth in Trayvon Martin case
All Americans who are proud to have justice and freedom should want to know the truth behind the death of Trayvon Martin. Why can’t we just have the truth without bashing his character? Is there anyone out there that knows a perfect Person, other than Jesus Christ? I doubt it very seriously.
What crime is there to walk home with a bag of skittles and ice tea? Let’s seek for the truth, without running down this young man. Trayvon will not get to do the things he or his parents had planned for him. If we can learn the truth then we can take the steps to make sure this does not continue to happen to young black men. Everything should be laid on the table, all the evidence, and prove that it was self defense.
I have three Trayvons, I certainly would not want this to happen in our town.
Mary Parks

Thanks to sheriff for a quick response
This letter is to thank Lee County Sheriff Jim Johnson for his rapid response to my request for his help. Within six minute of my phone call to him, he had made multiple calls to other agencies and had already dispatched an officer to assist me. His professionalism, courtesy and friendship in my time of need is something I can never repay. For that I will forever be grateful.
May God always bless him and keep him safe as he serves the people of Lee County.
Phil Morgan
Supervisor, District 1
Lee County

Act of kindness warmed heart of a family friend
My name is Helen Gillentine. I am a second grade teacher at Alcorn Central Elementary School in Alcorn County. I am writing about a first grade teacher friend, Heather Harville Mayo, and her doctor’s daughter, Shelby Pratt of Corinth. Heather died on Dec. 17, 2011, with melanoma cancer. She was 28 years old and left her husband, Casey, and a 4-year-old daughter, Kalee. She was a wonderful person.
On Dec. 14 our school faculty presented her and her family with round trip air travel and tickets to Walt Disney World in Orlando. At her request many of her family members had plans to join her for a Christmas getaway. On Dec. 16, Heather became comatose and went to be with her Lord during the night on the day her family was scheduled to leave for Walt Disney World. On Dec. 19 at her funeral visitation, her doctor’s daughter, Shelby Pratt, came to her visitation dressed as a Disney character and brought a Disney dress and tiara for little Kalee for a Disney tea. Shelby remained with the children throughout the visitation, comforting them with the Walt Disney tea party. My heart was touched with Shelby’s thoughtfulness. Shelby Pratt went the extra mile to meet a need in the life of a 4-year-old. God bless Shelby, and the Harville-Mayo families.
Helen Gillentine

Scarecrow as analogy for Marty’s work
Yes, but if he only had a brain ….
Marty Russell probably wouldn’t be sputtering his liberal rhetoric. One might debate the wisdom of picking and choosing your fight rather than being caught off guard like we were in 1918 and on Dec. 7, 1941, with liberals (progressives) in charge (Wilson and Roosevelt). If Marty wants to use a character from the Wizard of Oz (the Tin Man) as an analogy for ex-Vice President Cheney, then it is only fitting that we use the Scarecrow, who wanted a brain, as an analogy for Marty’s off-the-wall rhetoric.
Also, the Lion was another character from the Wizard of Oz that wanted courage. We do know who lacks the courage to go up against the misguided environmentalists when it comes to freeing ourselves from dependence on the middle-east for oil. The lack of, or real courage will probably show up when Iran is readying their A-Bomb missiles toward Israel and Europe. Hopefully we can elect a Lion with courage in November.
Remember the Scarecrows without brains and the Lions without courage that were in charge when we went to war in 1918 (Wilson) and 1941 (Roosevelt). It could also be noted that the Korean War (called a “Police Action” because of the lack of courage to call it a war. Also it was never won only brought to an armistice) and the Vietnam War were initiated when we had liberal, progressive Democrat administrations. Marty, with his so called expertise, needs to bone-up on history before he criticizes anyone.
Terry Dufford

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