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By NEMS Daily Journal

Where will Mississippi get money for charter schools?
I began school at Sipsey Fork when I was 4 and have been involved in the educational area ever since. I’ve jumped through every hoop the state has thrown and lived all right on the pay scale. So far the Retired Educational Personnel is the best bonus I’ve received.
Now, our Legislature that has always limited funds for education tells us that we need to share funds with a creation called “Charter Schools.” These wonders will not have to meet any of the “super orders” our present schools and teachers must meet. They will be housed in “?” buildings. And the “teachers” will teach by some “?” methods to make honor students of those chosen for their instruction.
Sorry, folks. I have a master’s degree and have taught for 30-odd years in public schools and for two years in junior college.
Yet, I am bewildered. Where are these teachers coming from? If these educational wonder-folk have such abilities, why haven’t they already shared their super knowledge with the world?
And since our governors and legislators have told us since the Ark landed that monies are scarce to nonexistent for education, what magic source is going to fund charter schools?
Oh, I know the answer to that one. Taxes! Please!
Opal Vickers

Rethink choice in airline connection from Tupelo
It has been noted in the Daily Journal and on other local news reports that Tupelo Regional Airport is seriously considering Silver Airlines as our potential carrier to Atlanta.
It is noted that the mayor and the airport authority feel Silver Airlines is the best choice. The mayor or those with the airport authority obviously have not had to lay over in Atlanta for hours on end waiting for a connection to Memphis or Tupelo or other destinations.
The wait is exhausting. Have they taken into consideration how many business people as well as the general public from Northeast Mississippi need to make connections out of Memphis for their continued flights to other destinations? To be able to fly Tupelo to Memphis is so nice, so convenient.
To take that connection away is a crime. I for one feel a smaller aircraft is more conducive for our local needs to reduce the odds that a flight would be canceled for lack of passengers. Start thinking of the customer and not the dollars. There would be more tourism and business interests for our area if the connections to Tupelo were out of Memphis. Take a poll!
Lee Duckworth

Legislators applauded for anti-liquor votes
Thank God for Rep. Margaret Rogers and Sen. Nickey Browning for having backbones to stand up and vote against the local liquor bill. God bless our state and God bless our country. I will be voting for them.
Mildred Willard
New Albany

Bush, Cheney relied on intelligence reports
In an article published in the Daily Journal on March 22, columnist Bill Minor stated that President George W. Bush blatantly lied to the American people about non-existent weapons of mass destruction.
Marty Russell in a column published on March 28 stated that Vice President Dick Cheney insisted that Saddam Hussein possessed weapons of mass destruction despite evidence to the contrary.
Both statements are totally incorrect.
The facts are that the intelligence services of the United States informed the president that Saddam Hussein possessed weapons of mass destruction. So did British intelligence, that of France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Poland and Russia. Furthermore, Saddam Hussein himself stated that he possessed such weapons.
If the president made a statement based on information provided by most of the intelligence services of the Western world, plus an admission from Saddam Hussein himself, George W. Bush could hardly be guilty of lying blatantly or otherwise.
Although such weapons were not found, statements by the president and vice president and subsequent actions were based on the best information available.
Fred Wicker

The ‘tteffuB Rule’ would work better for all payers
President Obama and the Democrats are pushing the “Buffett Rule,” whereby anyone making over a $1million annually would be taxed at a minimum of 30 percent.
The proposal was named the “Buffett Rule” after billionaire investor Warren Buffett who reported that his secretary pays a higher tax rate than he does (I would guess that Buffett pays a lot more in taxes – actual dollars – than his secretary).
I agree that his secretary and others that make less than 1 million should not have a higher tax rate than the millionaires. Therefore, we should adopt the “tteffuB Rule” and lower the rates of those making less than $1 million so that they are equal to, or less than, the millionaires. This would be a backwards application of the “Buffett Rule.” The lower rates would generate more spending money for those that need it and, in turn, increase consumer buying that would create more jobs; all of which would generate more revenue for the government.
Those who invest their capital and take a chance that it will eventually be a good investment should not be penalized by having to give a third of it up. Sometimes it takes years to see an investment materialize. We need to have more people invest in the USA, not drive them away with higher taxes. The investors are the motor in the economy and the consumers are the fuel. We need both.
Terry Dufford

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